Monday, June 1, 2015

WTF??!! NWO, Jade Helm, CERN, will September 2015 be the End of World as...

WTF??!! What is happening in America? The liberal agenda at an all time high! Do not get me wrong I am not against anyone who wants to do what they want to do in their own homes, I am against the media lying to us and forcing their evil agenda onto we the people. There is an anti Christian Agenda as we now see America the Obama administration and the NWO propping up Isis to bring them home here to America. The U.S government sponsored by evil demons of the NWO have funded Isis via building up Al Qaeda before and after 911. How much more can we take people? The U.S Government has now given the Islamic State Iraq and Syria because they have built the Islamic State via funding after 911.

The mainstream media now continually pulls hoaxes which I deal with in my article
This article goes to expose the true hidden agenda of the mainstream media. Sandy Hook was a Hoax many people are now calling Sandy Hoax. This was to enact the Liberal Gun agenda. We saw in Sandy Hook cases of child abuse enabled by the mainstream media like CNN. The gun agenda is pretty straight forward. The elite realize that the American people will be easier to control if they do not have their 2nd amendment right to carry arms. Our 2nd amendment right is to ensure tyrants never gain a foothold here in America. We should have more local Militias if you ask me as this is a focal part of the 2nd amendment as well. We now see the American Dollar bottoming out and this would be a critical time in history where the elite would not want the people having this right to bear arms and have standing militias. These people are the ones who support the Federal Reserve Bank which is bringing America down.

The third agenda is the Liberal Gay Agenda. I am by no means attacking gay and lesbian individuals I am not one to push my views on others. Instead I am speaking to the agenda the U.S government and the media are now pushing on Americans and worldwide. This agenda actually collides with the anti-religious agenda. There are many Christian Chaplin's in the U.S Armed forces being removed from their positions because of their faith. On the other hand the left wing media and the Gay Agenda in the Military are pushing laws to persecute Christians while pushing their own agenda openly and violently in some cases against anyone who does not agree with the gay agenda.

People do not have an issue with gay or lesbians it is the issue of exposing children to things that are to be kept in the families and communities in a personal responsible level. We do not see heterosexual agendas there is no such thing it is just what it is and it is personal and private matters that have no bearing in schools and neighborhoods in the ways these groups funded by the Gay Agenda. This is just another agenda to break up the nuclear family. I have gay friends who do not support this agenda and anyone who knows me personally knows I do not believe pushing beliefs onto others, this goes both ways in my opinion. In my opinion the individual and God are connected it is not our place to judge anyone for any reason!

Predictive Programming in the media to unveil the Gay Agenda. How the media uses predictive programming to bring in the New Gay Agenda to break up the Nuclear Family. Read my Article

Growing Up in the 90's In America, The breakup of the Nuclear Family Unit in the 90's

Learn more about the Gay Agenda in the media Gay Cult Agenda Busted. Media caught propping up the Gay Agenda!
Gay Cult Agenda Busted!

In many ways these gay agendas are used to blackmail and deceive. This agenda goes to the highest reaches of government I only have recently become aware of this agenda as I was like many perhaps who had no clue and found it hard to believe such an agenda could exist. But I have done the research and yes this really actually exist.

So we see America has just gone mad it would appear America is becoming an over sized wicked cult. Rome went down the same path and we all know what happened in Rome.

The picture above is a picture of Isis fighters driving a U.S issued Humvee. I was an 88 mike and I know what an American Military Humvee is. I also know what an Isis flag looks like. I also know certain powers of the New World Order want Isis to attack us. September 23, 2015 the Pope is coming to America the Day of Atonement is quickly approaching and it would appear America is going to shake. I can tell you in my area HAARP and Chemtrail activity is at an all time high.
Daily Chemtrails in Dry Ridge Kentucky! HARRP ACTIVITY STRANGE VIBRATIONS
Article on Plasma Orbs, chemtrails, HAARP, UFO'S, ANGELS &DEMONS

This video also has some things I did not have time to explain in the video. I mention in this video Cross Dressing. I mentioned this because Michelle or should I say Michele Obama's "Wife"?? Or Husband Transgender. I was getting to this point in the video in the top of this page. Before the Revolutionary War a Tyrant by the name of Edmund Andros tried dressing as a women to escape back to Britain before the Revolutionary War started. I was showing the ironic correlation between how these bloodlines were deceiving the public and showing their true nature. To start off the war a man attempting to escape "Those evil Americans wanting freedom" by cross dressing was caught and prosecuted. This made these powers mad and they do not forget such things. It is no coincidence that these same powers now have fooled Americans and people worldwide by having us elect a Gay President and the first lady to really be a man in women's clothing. This is an insult to the American public and they are now laughing at us, they are pulling us back as I stated in the video. 

Warning The Image you are about to see is Disturbing. Americans Have Been Duped! Obama is Gay and Michelle is a Man! What can we do? Watch the video above support the truth revolution!
This is the Gay Agenda at it's finest! In my video I do not get to fully explain I talked about Edmund Andros but forgot to mention the fact that it relates to mock America as they start to pull us back. They have never forgot about the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 They are still mad. They took back America in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Bank. How many people died trying to prevent this one action? I am related to Zachary Taylor and many people do not realize he was one of the first victims of the NWO. Read the article in the link below for more information. I will leave you with that people help stand against the New world order and take back America. Do not allow Jade Helm, CERN, Chemtrails, or any elite hold you down, fight back with truth!
Zachary Taylor Assassination that changed the World. The First American Hero Killed by the NWO! News Top Stories