Thursday, June 11, 2015

Transhumanist Political Party 2016 Presidential Candidate! Who will you Vote for?

Who will be president 2016??? That is the question I am sure everyone is wondering. Will we even have an election others may be wondering if you get my drift. How will the elite Bilderberg conference in Switzerland affect us in the U.S? Many questions, much speculation and fear mongering. With good reason if you are awake you know the world is in crisis in more ways than one a ring of fire so to speak. I will say this I do believe the last two times the Bilderberg meeting was held in Switzerland a world war broke out.

Now we see a new kind of Political Party emerging from the ashes. Well.... The ashes have not come yet according to the book written by Transhumanist Political party Nominated for 2016 Presidency Zoltan Istvan had to say in his 2013 science fiction book / philosophy "The Transhumanist Wager". That was a mouthful.... A mouthful of what is the question...?? The book "The Transhumanist Wager" talks about going to war with a floating libertarian city in the sky. I have yet to read it, really sounds interesting. The issue comes in when you gain a following of fans who are detached from reality.... Well or elites detached from reality.. Either way how is Zoltan Istvan going to overcome that one??? Perhaps like Istvan's books says clearly start WWIII

Interesting stuff in these videos. These are the questions on Americas minds and I am sure the minds of men and women around the globe. We see all kings of issues with chemtrails, Isis attacks, CERN, the NWO, all kinds of big money up to no good and that we can all agree on. Where is all this money?? In the black budget so if you think CERN cannot open up a wormhole and transcend time to release the beast you might just be in for a surprise. Hell.. We all might be in for a surprise these people are social deviants. It's like all those guys who quietly sat back and watched this ever so maddening world sat back and hatched a plan to destroy it all.

Jade Helm is in the news all these terror things going round in the news nowadays. I ask this to Mr. Istvan are you even going to get a minute to campaign with all the shit flying round Wall street, I mean Congress, I mean our Government. Look at the mainstream media they seem to be in a tailspin just waiting for the next false flag, I can see them in the shadows rubbing their hands together hunched over laughing maniacally. I was thinking that the NWO is probably behind Mr. Istvan but in reality they are too busy hiding in their holes plotting their next devious plan. They probably have never even heard of this guy, hell they have been so busy grooming Obama to be the Antichrist and are so focused this guy could be the real one and they don't even know. That's a funny thought, I am only half joking of course.

A transhumanist for president! Don't Just Vote Human.... Vote TransHuman!!!! Hey there is their tag line, I could throw em out all day. trans puts the oul in soul. Fail... Seriously I really believe they are going to do something insane to make people want to accept this guy so they can finally attain their ancient promise of immortality their fallen ones promised them so long ago. Transhumanism is their fountain of youth people! It's what Ponce De Leon came to Florida in search of, now we see Jade Helm in Florida too. Yeah that's what a conspiracy theorist would say. I used to say this some people are good with computers heck they can do anything sneak in and steal your data like the elite like to do with our retirement funds. Others are good with the mind and people heck some might even be able to do the same, after all the computer is just a mirror of the organic. Two different illusions / realities all real and any possibility in one means that the are both possible.

The issue is all this stuff was written in the bible and if you are awake then you know only a demon would lead another human being to destroy the world. Demons seek to devour human beings. It is no coincidence that Isis is a threat now coming to America. Some might think that to fulfill the trans humanist agenda they would have to kill all religion. That is insanity if you ask me, but they are in communion with demons. So poof Isis is born and now a movement to destroy religion just as was talked about in the Bible is on our blocks waiting to find our address.

I always say have no fear if we realize that as Bob Marley so famously sang "They gotta fulfill the book". No one in their right mind would do such a thing, but here we are 2015 and we are talking about WW III I am not sure how anyone is not awake right now. The proof is there Christ is real if another religion cannot stand against the three religions of Abraham then that religion should not exist. If you talk of wiping all religion out to implement one religion then you are talking genocide and everyone knows that. Do not fret, I have not said they are thinking that, nor have they out loud at least. If you hear those words it will be time to make a stand!