Friday, June 12, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton 2016 Presidential Announcement! Fun Camps for Americans!!

This is a funny Hillary Clinton video to lighten the mood. Lighten the mood for the gloom and doom that tends to follow her. We all know Hillary Rodham Clinton is looking to give America more of the same old regurgitated crap that has been rolling down the line since JFK. Cowardice politicians decade after decade has slowly brought America to its collective knees. Now we see politicians like Hillary Clinton hiding from the public while we hear she is looking to make a presidential run in 2016. The women seems to avoid any serious media attention as she has too many scandals to deal with.

Hillary Rodham Clinton scandals are so numerous that it would take a book to cover them all. Heck the Clinton scandals combined are so many it would take a sequel. A quick two words whitewater scandal. So she wants to run for president how bad could it really be?

She has promised fun camps to all her follows, and everyone else for all that matters and will run them... Fun wow you would think the world is just peachy in Miss Clinton's eyes. So peachy in fact we are in need of fun camps, a red camp.... a blue camp... This video shows how fun it will be if another Clinton gets elected.

All in all Hillary is a character and I would be amazed if she got the Democratic Nomination. But what other Democrat is there anyway? Democrat Republican it's all the same old garbage anyway. Like the picture says what does it matter. That is why I made the above video it really goes to show the insanity of these people nowadays. They are so detached from reality it is utter insanity. It would be a sad day for America if she were to get elected. So get the word out and if Hillary asked you to go to fun camp you just tell her to go first and she can run her own damn fun camp while we attempt to solve some of the real issues of today. In Hilary's world everyday is fun camp as the video show's how much fun Hillary Rodham Clinton has had over her long career of blackmail and scandal. Good luck America if this women gets elected to any other office. So as the 2016 presidential election draws ever closer remember what Miss Clinton wants for you.... Fun Camps....FEMA Camps???