Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Grand Conspiracy 1776 Fight to Bring America Back to Bloodline Rule!!!


Some people may wonder how all these conspiracies could possibly tie together. What ties these conspiracies together? Do you really think they will use CERN to create a portal opening up Pandora’s Box? When all this is going on in America; how can you focus on CERN and September being the end of the world? All excellent questions indeed!

America is under attack constantly by these tyrannical world powers, and we have just learned that Congress has been pushing back on the TPP these are the things that are important in America of course. Ask yourself this though; these world powers have been fighting this war against U.S (us) since the day the American Colonies severed all political connections and when Continental Congress declared Independence from Great Britain on July 4th, 1776. So if you are to think that these people are just going to roll over when being attacked on things like the TPP and Obamas trade powers executive tyranny you are living in the reality they created for you so you don’t care and they can take you back to slavery. While the others are awake to the illusion and understand that these evil people are capable of anything.

Many people focus on many things we are little ants with magnifying glasses and it is our duty to shine light into the shadows. There are many secret societies and it is through the uniting and corrupting that these powers can open the gates of Hell. Everyone knows the bible all these ancient books talking about these ancient things when you understand that these ancient things matter today then you will finally realize that it all matters. Do your part there is always something you can do no matter what your occupation, really all that does not matter if you are in America you are an American no matter what your occupation what have you finding a way to wake people up is of vital importance for our survival as a Country under God.

This video just goes to show the amount of energy evil is amassing against us. Both spiritually and physically (check out article Dailysheeple below) This war has always been a two part war from the start when a group of men with a noble sponsor decided to begin the separation from the elite bloodline rulers to create America so long ago. This stuff is biblical in every sense of the word but like I say it is about time to show God the miracle not simply wait for a miracle. We know after the doom God grants the world peace through Christ (is what I believe, beliefs are free…) but if we can push back the doom for a moment that would be something.

No matter interesting video check it out, there is a war and it has been raging for millennia…

Interesting stuff going on in America. Check below.
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Good news! Sen. Ron Wyden Pushing back on Obamas Trade Powers.

People need to contact these people and tell them when they are doing the right thing and when they are doing the wrong thing.

Keep this guy on the right track show him Americans are behind him on this. Then more will fall in line. Do something right now as now is the time to save America.

Contact Sen. Ron Wyden

Also it looks like the only vestige of a man left to run for president to me would be Rand Paul 2016 and he is running. That's if we get that far..