Thursday, July 2, 2015

Apocalyptic End of Days, NWO Plan - The Second Coming???

Some say the second coming is coming upon us quickly. There is overwhelming amount of evidence to show that something is coming this September, perhaps even this month of July 2015... Many people believe we are living in the Apocalyptic End of Days. Biblical prophesy is starting to line up with current events. When all the hands on the clock line up perfectly it is for but a brief second, but in that second anything can happen.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse are sounding their trumpets, ironical trumpet like noises are being heard around the world. This video shows just how close we really could be to a global meltdown. Now we hear the dollar could collapse. Rumors of war as well talk about Russian and America butting heads over Ukraine.
The proverbial shit is hitting the fan in 2015. So we have talk of WWIII, an Asteroid impact ocean, a false flag attack, Ebola, FEMA Camps, and Isis threats, along with an American Civil War. If you have not heard of this not sure what reality you are living in. Perhaps all the talk about transgender and gay marriage has your mind running in circles, that's their goal.Around the world prophetic events seem to be playing out. The video above goes into detail of the Illuminati plan for a new world order. These people are kicking it into full gear this is no conspiracy either. All this stuff is in the mainstream media, not to mention all the red herrings they are putting up for the masses to be put into a trance like stupor.

Predictive Programming is real and this video shows you how the Illuminati have been using Hollywood to enact their sick fantasies upon the world. Perhaps these elite are trying to simulate a global apocalypse. In the end some things cannot be simulated eventually a point is reached where true biblical prophesy and their NWO plan line up, like the hands on a clock. Many believe the hands will start to get very close around September 22 to the 28th 2015 the date when the final blood moon of the Shemitah cycle. The final blood moon is very important. The four bloodmoons appear to be part of biblical prophesy and even perhaps shown in more ancient prophesy. Could the devil be on this earth tempting man until man breaks and the entire society collapses because man turns from God. Basically could there be a group that hides in the shadows tempting nations, and when a nation bites God turns from that nation? I would say of course there is it is not evil's fault men are weak, and as long as America followed God we the people were prosperous. America turned from God years ago, since then disasters have struck and time and time again American turns further from God.

The four blood moons that started 2014 and end on September 28th 2015. Every one of the four blood Moons have fallen on a sacred Jewish holiday. This has not happened in a very long time and it would appear the bible talks about these days.

  Predictive programming is almost like a prophetic warning given by someone who cannot officially warn you but still gives enlightened people a shot at the truth. Only the most enlightened will actually understand what subliminal messages appear in movies this is a science most people just do not understand. The truth of the matter is a lot of movies are telling us what lies in store for our future. In the end biblical prophesy has already shown who wins in the end. I highly suggest you watch the video above for more information on subliminal messages in Hollywood movies. You might just be surprised.