Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fallen Angels - Luciferianism - The Ancient Archons & The Biblical End of Days...

  Check out the Video on the Illuminati Conspiracy for a New World Order. Could September 2015 really kick of the ancient end of days biblical prophesy? This video has some more interesting facts on the NWO conspiracy.

It is simply amazing how the Illuminati via their NWO are using CERN to unlock the gates of Hell. You may not believe this, the point of fact is they do believe this. Since they have all the world wealth they are using technology in an attempt to overthrow the world. God created man in an organic simple reality, these demonic entities are hijacking our reality and their new world plan is almost complete. We now live in a new synthetic reality. A reality where we rely on the state for everything this is the plan of the Illuminati. For when mankind relies solely on these elites for food, shelter, and information they have full control over life and death, their ability to play God is fulfilled.

The incessant need for them to become God is what drives their evil empire. Satanic worship is prevalent with the Illuminati plan for a new world order. Luciferianism is their religion they worship these entities that came down long ago some call them the Archons, others the fallen angels.
Now faster forward end of days begin 2015… The mysterious sounds emanating from the atmosphere could be interpreted as trumpets. Who really knows what these elite Illuminati have in store to kick off their NWO? We see HAARP and most of us who have broken free from their evil matrix know they could easily use such an ancient epic weapon to create this heavenly noises. Either way, if they believe they are fulfilling prophesy and you live on this planet you will be affected. This is obviously why God gave us Jesus Christ a savior because God knows we turn from him time and time again and Christ said this time will be different. It is as if the elite know something is on its way, and like I say who cares what you believe if they do and they control you. God said belief is a powerful thing, to believe something that you cannot see, but your intuition tells you really is there and real. Some of us take beliefs for granted as we feel we know God is real and Satan has a cult here on Earth and seeks to take the thrown.

Men like Thomas Horn and Jonathan Cahn are making bold predictions of our future and they are having some success. Success is winning souls my friends period. When you live in the days where truth pays you know Christ is near. The truth should always pay unfortunately it typically gets you into trouble. God knows I’m no saint and either are you. An infamous song lyric states ironically that “Just as every cop is a criminal. And all the sinners saints” we live in this age. Some say the of Age of Aquarius means that the devil will have his day, I say the devil has already had too many days, from the Bible it would appear God says their days are numbered. Either way they think the devil will play. Funny this stuff starts rhyming…lol… God says no man knows the date of the coming judgment. In reality this could end at anytime and the fact we are here is a miracle some could only imagine. How many times should we have destroyed ourselves? There was that Russian deal in the submarine. There were those other crazy guys who killed JFK.

Lot’s of crazy running around and we somehow are still here, if you did not believe in God after knowing this then you are possessed. The difference between possession and brainwashing is slight. As a matter of fact it was the field of study of possession that leads to all the mind control sciences we see today. You have organic like psychics and whatnot, and you have synthetic like a computer hacker. Two things separated but can have the same results prediction of time through manipulation of a host. So if you believe in hackers then you better believe in psychics because studies of the mind lead to the creation of the computer and not the other way around. I say psychics and hackers both can access hidden regions of the host I am no duelist either I just know how reality functions, where most other people are walking around in a daze. That is fine I can write this all day so if you have time to read then there you go.

The fact is some people knowingly worship evil and most do not even know what they are doing. Everyone is on a journey from birth some just stop because they cannot see through the fog in the valley. Well my friends that valley is foggy and full of chaos, sadly many are still lost wandering that foggy valley never making it to the to where everything is clear. If you are still reading this your well on your way, or your already there. Evil does not have to prevail to the point of Apocalypse in this time. As I say it is time to show God why he created us and make God proud, not destroy one another because that road ends in the evil individuals destruction, all others go on up that mountain where the entire view comes into your perspective, in that view anything is possible. Don’t stop short, if you are an atheist that just means you are still looking. If you are a Satanist that just means you are still on your journey to enlightenment and the truth of God will find you shortly. I am speaking to everyone as God states all are welcome no that glorious day, the question is will the end of days kick off in September or did the end of days really start in 2014??? We still hold the key to universal reality and as long as the individual stays vigilant we can stave off evil for another half a time.