Friday, July 3, 2015

Book of Revelation - Strange Noises in the Sky Worldwide- 7 Trumpets of the Apocalypse!!!

This video Last days September 2015 shows a fraction of the heavenly signs of a future Apocalypse. God is here and the fight with the Illuminati and their NWO agenda is spilling into our reality. Since December 2012 strange noises have been heard in the sky around the world. Some say the 7 trumpets are from the seven angels of the apocalypse warning all of a looming disaster. Others say man is using HAARP to create these strange sounds in the sky around the world. The line blurs when either man or God are ringing the bells of a coming battle of Armageddon. Biblical prophesy states signs will be seen in the heavens and on Earth. Either way we see these signs and whether it be man or God sounding the trumpets of doom someone is sounding the alarm on the end of days.

We now see oceans of red, birds falling dead from the sky, rumors of war, tyrannical rulers, strange noises in the heavens, not matter skeptic or conspiracy theorist one thing is clear things have changed from the 90’s to today. There is talk of war with Russia by a tyrannical group called the Illuminati, this group is now establishing a New World Order (NWO). It would appear the Russians who have already defeated this ancient bloodline as well as Americans who as well got away from these ancient bloodlines are coming to an understanding that a tyrannical NWO government is attempting to regain their ancient grip on our reality. Obviously these NWO Illuminati are attempting to pit nations against each other in order to sneak back into the shadows of rumor and speculation. WWI and WWII both started as men and women started to wake up to the tyrannical powers of the NWO. The United Nations was established as a corner stone for the New World Government.

Now we see the United Nations moving into America in order to quell any rebellion in the Republic. While many Americans are still asleep trapped in a cycle of servitude and pleasure, millions of others are awake to the evil rising in this world. An extreme liberal agenda seeks to undermine the foundations of America. Only time will tell if we are truly living during the end of days. It would appear Cosmic Karma is coming down on all these satanic groups. This YouTube video shows how satanic rituals as well as the sinister Jesuit pope have had the wrath of God come down on them. Their false Gods are not protecting them from the full force of the Will of God. God is blowing out their torches and blowing their own ritual garments over their eyes. Some might say it is cosmic instant karma, other the wrath of God. Whether it be cosmic instant karma, God, our creator is not happy with these evil principalities and powers that man so foolishly worships.

Madonna was pulled down during an ancient Kabbalah ritual. Her lyrics as she fell sounded like I let down my God... God is showing us all signs of the end of times. The signs are clear and this video goes to show many heavenly signs and wonders. The Olympics rituals are ancient as well and again God blew out their torch ritual. The Olympic torch has been blown out time after time. The displeasure of God is apparent and our Nation is turning from God day after day. We now see these Federal mandates like the establishment of gay marriage. Of course people should be allowed to get married this is a non issue, just a Red Herring these Illuminati are putting up as they are scurrying into their holes. All the while the trumpets are being heard around the world, the seas are turning to blood, fish and birds are dying by the millions, bees are disappearing who can deny all these signs of the end of times?

The Book of Revelation is playing out in front of our eyes yet still refuse to wake up and open their eyes. Many are awake in 2015 and it is simply amazing to see this mass awakening. Danial 12 : 4 during the end of times people will run to and fro and knowledge will increase. Well my friends people are running to and fro and knowledge is increasing. If you do not see that you are willfully blind and ignorant as well as bathed in fear. This fear prevents from a full awakening. People believe going to work, and living in pleasure can never end. We see an epidemic of internet porn and evil laws being created. Did you know in Texas a law was passed that set’s the precedent that a rich person can do whatever they want and get away with it because they were too rich to know right from wrong????

The Affluenza Defense: Judge Rules Rich Kid’s Rich Kid-ness Makes Him Not Liable for Deadly Drunk Driving Accident!

Well I could ague I am too poor to know right from wrong, this is a tyrannical ruling and I cannot imagine its future implications. People have no clue what is secretly going on right under their noses, and yet I hear some people say this is impossible. A fact is a fact period you can dance around the truth all you want it still does not change the truth of our looming reality. Now God is blowing out their evil NWO satanic ritual flames.Gods word has shown us what they are planning and what we need to do to beat this NWO. The book of revelation, the book of Daniel, as well as many other books in the bible tell us what to expect in the coming days. It would appear we are in the end of days, however, I am sure during the 1920's and 30's they felt they were in the end of days, as well as in the 60's during the Cold War. We could have easily been destroyed during these times but Good men stood up to defeat tyranny. Some at their own peril they sacrificed their lives so we might live free. It is time to defeat evil once and for all, we have pulled them from their dark shadows into the light, now is the time to distinguish their flame once and for all! News Top Stories