Saturday, July 18, 2015

End Times Prophecy!! CERN Hellgate Illuminati NWO - Antichrist 2015! Fin...

This September 2015 Petrus Romanus the final pope is here and some say Pope Francis will declare the Antichrist this fall. In this video solid proof is supported that CERN has the power to open a Stargate to another world. Many prophets believe that CERN will create a Portal to what we consider Hell. The CERN Hellgate has already been established as we are seeing spirals in the sky world wide.

If you do not believe these words then tell us why the Illuminati are declaring 2015 the official "Year of Light" The Luciferian Illuminati light is what is being referred to and the United Nations are declaring this the year of Lucifer. So one could easily conclude that this will be the year of the Antichrist. CERN news has declared the discovery of a new pentaquark particles. "Penta"quark the Satanic Pentagram comes to mind. The LHC has now discovered the gateway between our dimension and the next higher dimension of the soul. I believe that we exist on two planes but are only aware of this reality. Our soul is the normal state of existence, when one day poof we find we are alive. We still communicate on a soul level and physicist / psychics know this others know this but the public has been deceived. Materialism is how one gains power in this reality / dimension these Illuminati are obsessed with this dimension thus they are obsessed with materialism. Their NWO will be that of strict Luciferianism under a materialistic new world order. For many people on this planet they are already living in this wicked NWO and anyone who attempts to open their eyes they ridicule. This is because they are already there my friends, they support materialism so fundamentally they see any other system as a threat to their happiness (really they are miserable trying to fill the void created by living away from organic reality) and attack it to their fullest ability. Thus we now see Isis being emporwed Obama actually admitted that the U.S government was funding and supporting Isis, I believe he did this on purpose to show he is in control now. We see shills attacking anyone speaking the truth on any public forum, attacks on all religion. These people are ready to establish their New World Order.

What many of these shill and uneducated people (falsely educated is a better term) do not understand is that matter is affected by consciousness (of course a materialist can not grasp this at all) this means that Hell yes CERN can open a stargate to another dimension because life creates matter not the other way around. Most of these skeptics are fundamental materialist meaning that their reality is here they cut off the soul, they are only working on one plane of reality. We live spiritually and let our soul guide us where they do the opposite so of course you will never convince these people of anything, even as we see portals in the sky there are skeptics saying its not real. It is a rocket spiral wow their ignorance amazes me, prove this then I have never seen any rocket or missile create a perfect portal spiral in the sky. The video shows absolute proof that the Antichrist is here and CERN via the LHC is thinning the veil between the spiritual realm and this reality. This means many prophets shall emerge which the Book of Danial states in 12:4 "people will run to and fro and knowledge shall increase". Why? Because the soul knows no time, it is the soul that creates this reality. Like I always say its like the movie Nightmare on Elm Street. Freddy lives in another dimension but he can be pulled out into this reality.

This is what the architects of this reality know that we create with knowledge from another dimension. If the dimension of the soul is changed then our material reality will change as well. Spirit reality is manifested in what we see in this reality. We now see a massive attack on Christianity and it is so obvious now for some it is totally unbelievable. They are doing this because the elite worship demonic entities that are killing their spirit so that they might live through them and experience in this reality. We are blessed to be living in this reality and it is sad that some people are so deceived that they allow demonic entities and other entities to experience through them. But no matter if you live with your creator your creator is betting on you, that you will make it and if you want true eternal life (A great demonic promise that the elite have chased since before Ponce De Leon and the Fountain of Youth) There is no eternal life in this material reality if you follow a demonic entity. You see God can do more than allow you to live forever via robotics as these elite plan on doing. They NWO Illuminati believe they will be advanced with robotic parts and live forever via your children's stem cells. True biotechnology. God needs not use such foolish knick knacks to give us long lives those who believe have already been granted eternal life, but perhaps its not what you think because you have been deceived by the reality these demons present you.

There are even people who agree with what I am writing but then also say wait Christianity was a lie and God is not who you think. Funny when people attempt to tell me such a thing. We have divine communication if we choose to accept it and God said if you have faith anything you ask me will be revealed. One just has to be able to differentiate the voice of their creator with that of a demonic entity and in these times some other voice (they now have technology that can be used to implant thoughts and ideas into your mind). The fact is as a being here God has gifted you with his communication, it is a gift to not know this communication for God also states those who do not wish to know him do not have to. We were not created to live in big cities and live off of Walmart. We were built to be self sustaining nuclear family units and now that reality is a thing of the past. This is new to humanity and this new reality is all bad. If you could go back 100 years and talk to somebody in the past and tell them how we live today they would not think it so good as we do today. They would say you have been deceived however we have now taken God from the equation and considering the fact God is the equation things are surely to get worse if we continue down this line of treason. America has more jails than schools, did our founding fathers lock everyone up like this? Was gun violence so bad back then as it is today? 

The answer is no we have been deceived. In fact in the times of our founding fathers there was something called a duel. I know for a fact that if today we still had the duel this reality would be all the better for it. The duel was to keep evil men in check and as long as the duel stood in America the Fed did not exist. The outlawing of the duel in America would be the beginning of the end of America. That is just one of the things people do not even realize today, no there we not a lot of duels and tyrannical governments had all been brought down. You wonder why? Because evil men don't want to die.