Monday, June 22, 2015

CERN, Tomorrowland, Apollyon Key to the Bottomless Pit September 2015!

Tomorrowland appears to be a massive energy ritual. How do CERN and Tomorrowland combine to unlock the gate to hell? This conspiracy is a sinister one and it appears with the discovery of the Higgs Boson aka (God particle) looks more and more plausible every day. For the first time in history we have seen tornadoes spinning the wrong direction, there have been noises in the sky that sound like trumpets heard by the masses and UFO craft in the skies all over the world. Now Tomorrowland is the key and CERN is the ancient technology that found the machine that will be used to lift the veil between the dark and light realities / dimensions.

This video goes through some of the more interesting aspects of Tomorrowland and ancient technologies. A forbidden fruit technology appears to have been rediscovered. The video that CERN has put out called Symmetry is very interesting indeed, this video shows a man free falling into a bottomless pit. This is an ancient analogy for traversing other dimensions. We should all be becoming more and more concerned over what is going on in Switzerland at a place called CERN the LHC (Large Hadron Collider).

The images used in the Tomorrowland trailer video and during the festival are very revealing and it has been shown to be a satanic festival. I personally have been to many music festivals and would go to Tomorrowland as well. The issue is always the money. They are backing an evil agenda is what is going on here. The occult movement has just hit a new threshold a new occult world order is being created. This 2015 year we are seeing a big push for a transhumanist type of movement. This is all backed by the elite NWO and fits right in with their NWO plan. I am not sure if Tomorrowland always had such a sinister undertone, but I am sure in the past few years since Obama 08 everything has started to show a looming sinister undercurrent. In that picture over there you see a key being inserted into an ancient machine. 2015 CERN is that ancient machine and Tomorrowland is an ancient ritual for absorbing organic energy. The occult have been empowered and we have really seen a push in the past decade.

What is a satanic festival you might ask yourself. I would say any place that teaches self love and instant gratification. Many satanic festivals are gaining popularity in the west and this movement is being funded and expected to grow bigger and bigger. Now we see Isis and this is another key to unlock the bottomless pit. The persecution of Christians has been at the top of the Illuminati NWO list for a long time now. The see Christians as a wall between them and their fountain of youth transhumanist NWO. We can have fun at a festival and understand what the festival is really about. The issue is most people do not go to these festivals to be a deviant or worship Lucifer. The issue is the people who fund the event and push the propaganda do, and if you do not know this then you are ripe for a good brainwashing.

So open your eyes wake people up. I am not demonizing the fun that goes on with an event such as Tomorrowland have fun just don't partake in the wicked things that these events may suggest you to do. This will only get worse in the future as such events grow bigger; they become a bigger mouth piece with drug incited self loving narcissistic states of mind. In this state of mind you are not capable of critical thinking. The images show the motives of the people behind them. It is interesting that CERN comes into this conspiracy. The word conspiracy is a joke as this stuff has all been overwhelmingly proven. I have many other videos about this new Transhumanist Movement. I bet you did not know that there was a transhumanist political party...???