Friday, June 5, 2015

Best evidence of Predictive Programming 2015! Proof Jade Helm is a Psycological Operation!

What are the  Bilderberg plans for 2015? False Flag UFO Invasion! By already having the military on the ground during Jade Helm 15? Guess what people Jade Helm 15 has already begun! In Michigan and now crisis actors are being recruited in Ohio during the ever so expanding Jade Helm exercises! This video provides some of the best Evidence for predictive programming to date for predictive programming! Could this be proof that Jade Helm 15 is targeting Law Abiding citizens? You can't miss out on this YouTube video on the top of this page here.

This video is dealing with some of the most dangerous movies made in Hollywood in these times of Christian persecution and in this featured film "Invasion" and "Law Abiding Citizen" you really get a mouth full of Hollywood just gearing this stuff up full steam! I just watched Tomorrowland and Poltergeist and they both talked about interdimensional portals! Then Tomarrowland dropped a bombshell talking about how Predictive Programming destroyed the world in this movie! To top it all off we saw a nice little child sacrifice to save the world in the end of the movie. It literally looked like a volcano sacrifice from ancient times.....!

Somethings happening here I cannot imagine that all of Hollywood all the sudden just coincidentally went CERN portal to hell crazy here. I dive deep into the heart of the muck and I will say this, the last time the powers to be were so exposed a few world wars kicked off! The last one with a bang! I know this as well everyone in Hollywood does not want the world to end. I think some of these writers are giving their own sort of prophetic message. I know Hollywood is a branch of the government as well and I know how all that goes..

This section below just goes over the video more.
Hollywood movies subliminal messages and predictive programing movies that will have you fight Christ during the second coming! Movie "The Invasion" 2007 classic movie programming the masses to fear anything coming down preaching peace!

Jade Helm announced in the 2011 movie "Law Abiding Citizen" exposed! The FEMA camp programming is now found in most Hollywood movies I see as well. We also know that Goddess worship is becoming more open this 2015 year. The NWO is gearing up their plans for 2015 the liberal agenda is going strong. Breaking through the conspiracy one truth at a time! Find out the truth behind Hollywood and Predictive Programming!