Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mystery of Elisa Lam - Elisa Lam Video Evidence of Cover Up - Ghostly Conspiracy - Cyber Haunting?

Thy mysterious death of Elisa Lam. The Elisa Lam story is bigger than most people could imagine. We live in a brave new age; an age where anything is possible. This ghost story is just beginning...

Amidst all this creepiness we have to remember a young girl was found in a water storage tank on the top of the Hotel Cecil. The Cecil Hotel has a history of bizarre ghostly occurrences and if you were going to present the world with true haunting evidence this would be the place to go. The picture of that empty elevator is perhaps one of the strangest things I have ever seen with my own two eyes. But we have to throw the suspicions flag on this case for many reasons. I will present a video that brings up some very interesting questions. For one why would the police submit to the media minutes of extra footage that does not have Elisa Lam in the video? Obviously strange things are going on inside that empty elevator. These homicide investigators are not the conspiracy / ghostly types, meaning they would not insult the family by releasing video footage of a haunted elevator. However, the police did release this mysterious Elisa Lam video footage of the empty elevator all the while the coroner still had not released a cause of death. If you know police
protocol then you know this is very suspicious of the detectives in the Elisa Lam case.

The video also shows an interview by a CNN news reporter on Lam’s mysterious death. The reporter was interviewing a woman who in the most bizarre thing I could ever imagine would say this and I quote “It kind of feels like the beginning of a Horror Novel, like this is the beginning of a Ramon Chandler Story.” Now we find out there is a Hollywood movie deal that will be based on…. You guessed it the Elisa Lam ghostly “accidental” death story. As well the women from the book store looks familiar, sometimes it feels like the news is manufactured. That’s irrelevant right now though. Some say Elisa Lam could still be alive; I am not sure what to say on that one except that I believe the person in the elevator was the person killed in the water tower of the Cecil. Whether or not that was really Elisa Lam I cannot really say. Now we are moving into the realms of conspiracy and for that one do have an Elisa Lam conspiracy theory of my own.

We see a mysterious photo of a person taking a picture and some people have said that this was really Elisa Lam because of a sleeve that is similar to one she was wearing in a picture. Could Elisa Lam have staged her own death as part of some ritualistic Illuminati sacrifice ritual? Anything is possible and when you look deeper into this entire story you see it start to break down and make no sense whatsoever. How did Elisa Lam get onto a secured rooftop that only the Hotel staff had the key to? How did this petite girl break into any one of these water towers atop of the Cecil Hotel? Why would anyone dive into a dark water tank at 2 in the morning anyway? You would know that once you jumped into the tank there would be no way to get out unless you had a fireman with you with some equipment to get you out. Heck the fireman had to cut a whole in the tank to get her body out? How did she get on top of the water tank anyway? But let us not get ahead of ourselves there is still more on the mysterious haunted Cecil elevator to contend with.

A Red Herring is something a person throws up when they want to keep your attention away from something else. Like what I was just writing about above, how did she get into the water tank when access to the rooftop is restricted? So back to the haunted elevator we see footage of Elisa Lam in the acting oddly in the elevator. One thing strikes you when watching the original Elisa Lam video however, the fact that the video was encoded to distort the time stamp. I know how to do this with video editing software as well, and this tells anyone who knows about video and audio that this is not the original Elisa Lam video footage. Because the original video would have clearly shown the time-stamp at the bottom of the tape. It was altered most likely because the new footage was slowed down. This would make it appear she was drunk / drugged / crazy / haunted, just fill in the blank. There appears to be an agenda from the get go on this case, and that agenda appears to lean on the ghostly mysterious haunting of Elisa Lam. Now we see a movie deal, why not I will watch the movie.

The Hollywood Illuminati conspiracy for the Elisa Lam case has some interesting theories but is more speculation than anything. So Hollywood maximizes on a young girls death in a haunted hotel in California its epic, its fate, it’s been a long time coming. Speaking of Hollywood movies did you know that the movie “Dark Water” has already been released that is based on the mysterious ghostly haunting in an apartment that kind of resembles the Cecil Hotel? This movie also is about how a young girl that even perhaps looks similar to Elisa Lam as a child, this girl was found dead in a water tank on the rooftop of the apartment building. As a consequence of a dead body being in the apartment buildings water supply dark water was coming out of every water faucet in the building. I forgot to mention that in the Elisa Lam case dark water was flowing out of every water faucet in the Hotel Cecil and people were actually really drinking this appalling water. That makes my stomach turn to say the least. People were in outrage but the local government deemed the Hotel’s water safe to drink…. They say all the chlorine killed the…words can’t describe what is going through my head right now. God bless those people and bring those to justice who could do such a thing to these hard up people who have to live in that Hotel.

So a Hollywood movie called Dark Water is exactly like the Elisa Lam story you might say is that it? No in the movie “The Departed” there is a sign in the background that says Liza did it. Now I have looked around the internet and I found something that I have not seen anyone else mention, and that is the fact that there is a girl named Eliza Sam who is the same age ethnicity and is in the same city Vancouver Canada. What are the odds someone with the name of Eliza Sam would also go unheard of around the same time as Elisa Lam, but she did! You take the E off of Eliza and you get Liza and the sign in the movie from 2005 “The Departed” says Liza did it. Can we really make this stuff up anymore? What are the odds of that and the girl on the picture looks just like Elisa Lam. It is as if there is some genius out there creating modern day mysterious for people to solve…. Even the women on the television stated this is like a mystery to be solved.

Well if this is a mystery what are some other things that make the Elisa Lam case so darn mysterious? How about the fact of the man who lived in the Hotel at the time of the disappearance of Elisa Lam, he reported a loud bang that knocked him out of bed and said the next day the water was dark. Here we go some witness testimony from the news this is in the video I present as well. What did this man hear? Well he claims in the middle of the night so I would say around 2:20 in the morning either he heard the lid to the water tower fall onto the Hotel Roof, which would be loud. Or he heard her get shot, either way since he says the water turned black the next day he heard her being killed / or placed into the water tower. I have already gone over my take on the elevator footage, it was doctored and the Hotel is really haunted. Let us talk about some of the mysterious things this Hotel has had happen in its many years in operation The Skid Row Hotel Cecil.

Mysterious hotels are right up my alley the movie 1408 is one of my favorite movies of all time. I’m not big into famous people I see that as the ultimate disempowerment however John Cusack is a gifted actor and kudos goes to him when it comes to playing a role in a Hollywood movie. Haunted Hotels are always an interesting topic to say the least. I understand that there are now two forms of haunting there is the demonic form and the synthetic form of haunting. Basically people using the new age in cyber technology can haunt you but organic haunting also exist. The video goes more into such topics for now we will stick to the organic events that have played out at the notorious Cecil Hotel. In 1927 this Hotel was built, a very interesting year if you know about the occult.

Richard Ramirez. Serial Killer from Cecil Hotel
1984 and 85 was a big year for the Cecil Hotel when an occult style Satanic serial killer occupied the hotel and murdered 13 women. Interesting number keep in mind there is not one hotel that has a 13th floor. As well the number 9 and 13 are big occult numbers which is why the movie 1408 is such a perfect number as it avoids two major occult numbers while avoiding them showing them to be important, off the topic just some information on the significance of numbers in the Occult. So Richard Ramirez aka the Night Stalker killed 13 women from the Cecil Hotel during his murderous ritualistic crime spree. Another serial killer stayed at the infamous Cecil Hotel named Jack Unterweger. Mr. Unterweger was released from an Austrian prison and sent to America as part of a rehabilitation program for violent offenders…. Interesting we see them doing this to this very day allowing violent illegal immigrants to roam free on American streets. Anyway Jack Unterweger killed 3 women from the infamous Hotel. So we have two evil men staying in this Hotel killing people and the Hotel was just built not even one hundred years ago. Now on to the suicides in this mysterious Cecil Hotel, in 1962 a woman by the name of Pauline Otton jumped to her death from a “9th” floor window landing on George Gianinni killing him instantly. Interesting enough Elisa Lam was born on April 30th, 1991 another very significant occult day. This Hotel was obviously built in a place of extreme supernatural energy it is obvious evil is draw to this dark Hotel. The ghost of Elisa Lam / the girl on the video tape is most likely haunting the hallways of the notorious Cecil Hotel.

The Elisa Lam conspiracy is starting to heat up perhaps it was some sort of Illuminati energy ritual. There will be Hollywood movies on the Elisa Lam mystery, but what if there was another agenda for the elite Illuminati and their NWO plan to dominate the masses. The video goes to explain how using somewhat sophisticated computer technology a computer program along with a well planted virus could work to cyber haunt you. I was thinking about this and for some reason things kept coming to me with the things I was looking at of a sinister plan to mess with people. We now hear of smart technology we associate that with our cell phones and televisions but do you know if you have certain energy efficient light bulbs they are created with their own unique IP address and transmitters, even perhaps a solar cell to stay in a permanent “vampire” mode? So what if one night you were looking up the Elisa Lam video at 2 in the morning and then all the sudden all your lights turned off. Your television suddenly turns itself on, your cell phone turns off and your stove starts beeping. What you did not realize is that while you were watching that video a hidden virus was installed deep into your computer. In the meantime your IP is logged and a complete psychological profile is compiled on you via all your social media, movie viewing and music habits, and your search engine searches. With this information a program could determine whether or not the virus should do its job. If the psychological profile show’s the right information the virus will allow hacking into all your smart technology. That is a conspiracy if I have ever thought of one, but I am not sure you understand just how possible this really is with today’s computer technology.

In the end we will wonder what really happened on that February day in 2013. There are many questions and a few answers but one thing is clear, Elisa Lam died in some sort of occult ritual. That Hotel has occult symbology and purpose. Was there ever a girl named Elisa Lam in the first place? To me the most interesting thing is her last name, Lam pronounced lamb a sacrificial lamb. Could this be another Illuminati Hollywood sacrifice? I would say very possibly yes. In the end like the sign said in the movie “The Departed” maybe Liza really did it….