Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Heavenly Chill Conspiracy Mystery of Reality 2016 - Great Tribulation

Understanding is the key to reality. A person could give you everything, however if you do not have the foundation the knowledge will fall back into the dark pits from which it came. If you fight the truth you really just fight your own ignorance, and if you know it all, as many do around here, please clue me in. Insanity runs rampant in this ever increasingly emotionally stunted world. It would seem we are heading to that point where a robot pushes that button. The issue here is that robot will be a human being. Not mixed with metal Bob or micro chipped Betty either my friends. It will be your neighbor Dolly and, no she is not a clone just your average robotic slave.

So what is it? So what are we all waiting on here? A Great Spirit to wind throughout the minds of men? An Awakening of the Spirit? Heavenly chills everywhere moving through the spines of men. This is a Conspiracy my friends, it is only as deep as your own understanding of thy self. It is funny however we see something moving through the hearts and minds of men and women around the world. Even the mainstream media has to report on it; perhaps just the satanic side of things but the fact of the matter is that it is kind of hard to miss. When black cloaked people are moving in and out of the shadows and are now being shown on the mainstream media you would think someone would take notice, and they have. It is in this video clip.

Has Judgment or Salvation come to America? Biblical Prophesy has been jumping off of the pages as of late, I do understand certain “things” can be applied to every generation from the times of old to the time of the dark ages and the time of the Industrial Revolution, I do assure you however this is real. Could Christ pull one angel of darkness into the light? Biblical struggles are being played out over grand scales. No man is too far away from salvation, many just get hung up going around the clock, getting stunted and never going full circle. But with time goes experience, the ultimate question is where do you want to return? If you do not understand these words then a rock you could be in the future. Perhaps some feng shui intuit will line you up with some people who know what is going on and they will educate you for the next time round. That is a joke a great joker here folks. This stuff “matters” my friends.

Angels are singing ever louder in heaven as the masses are beginning to realize that the curtain is being pulled on them. We the people are losing our grasp on reality as the puppet masters are running for the hills. Perhaps? Well I guess that is relative to you. What are you doing lately? Disasters are sweeping the nation and the media loves to trumpet about the destruction. How will this all play out? A divine realignment has taken forth into the minds of men. Honor must come back for this world to unite to unity. As the only way to get to 3 from 2 is 1. One is the bridge to eternal salvation. For me Christ is the bridge as one is the only thing that truly “matters” here. This is really not rocket science it is pretty basic stuff. If you fight these words your war is not with us, it is with yourself.

It would appear that the movie the cabin in the words was correct lol. Something went really wrong here Houston. The Divine Comedy being played out into reality are you eating popcorn in the stands or writing your own story, or are you just some punch line in someone else’ story? Is your name written in the Book of Life? Just know this, in God I know we’ve Won. Like the great song says you gotta go through Hell to get to Heaven. Like the other great song says I’m the Peoples Champ. No I am not really so narcissistic to believe one man can make much of a difference, however I do know an Army can. What Army do you fight for? Heavenly battles Demons, Angels, and Great Serpents. How will this tail end?

It would seem some people are missing out on a great mystery of reality in 2016. It would seem as if the Great Tribulation is at hand and perhaps it is time to show God the Miracle for once, as God has never forsaken us. The ultimate question for all is are we seeing Grand Delusions or the Fall of Grand Illusions only time will tell…

Meanwhile Christians are going through the greatest tribulation in the middle east. For a dark wave has come upon them. If the world continues to ignore the truth the manifestation of horrors will play out into our reality. Unity is the goal for it is the slave we have come to free. How much longer will it take to expose the weak sinful nature of man? Demonic activity is present in the lives of robots. The entire issue with this world is this. A man watches a women leave her purse in a cart, without thought he alarms her of her mistake. She thanks him and he gives her purse back. She leaves and now he starts to think. Think of how broke he is, think of how much he needed that money, however his first nature was not to think, it was to do. If you are too busy thinking of what is right, then you are wrong and you worship death. This beast system wants you to think, because while the world was so busy thinking Satan has come upon you and you don't even see it.

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