Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Heavenly Chill Conspiracy Mystery of Reality 2016 - Great Tribulation

Understanding is the key to reality. A person could give you everything, however if you do not have the foundation the knowledge will fall back into the dark pits from which it came. If you fight the truth you really just fight your own ignorance, and if you know it all, as many do around here, please clue me in. Insanity runs rampant in this ever increasingly emotionally stunted world. It would seem we are heading to that point where a robot pushes that button. The issue here is that robot will be a human being. Not mixed with metal Bob or micro chipped Betty either my friends. It will be your neighbor Dolly and, no she is not a clone just your average robotic slave.

So what is it? So what are we all waiting on here? A Great Spirit to wind throughout the minds of men? An Awakening of the Spirit? Heavenly chills everywhere moving through the spines of men. This is a Conspiracy my friends, it is only as deep as your own understanding of thy self. It is funny however we see something moving through the hearts and minds of men and women around the world. Even the mainstream media has to report on it; perhaps just the satanic side of things but the fact of the matter is that it is kind of hard to miss. When black cloaked people are moving in and out of the shadows and are now being shown on the mainstream media you would think someone would take notice, and they have. It is in this video clip.

Has Judgment or Salvation come to America? Biblical Prophesy has been jumping off of the pages as of late, I do understand certain “things” can be applied to every generation from the times of old to the time of the dark ages and the time of the Industrial Revolution, I do assure you however this is real. Could Christ pull one angel of darkness into the light? Biblical struggles are being played out over grand scales. No man is too far away from salvation, many just get hung up going around the clock, getting stunted and never going full circle. But with time goes experience, the ultimate question is where do you want to return? If you do not understand these words then a rock you could be in the future. Perhaps some feng shui intuit will line you up with some people who know what is going on and they will educate you for the next time round. That is a joke a great joker here folks. This stuff “matters” my friends.

Angels are singing ever louder in heaven as the masses are beginning to realize that the curtain is being pulled on them. We the people are losing our grasp on reality as the puppet masters are running for the hills. Perhaps? Well I guess that is relative to you. What are you doing lately? Disasters are sweeping the nation and the media loves to trumpet about the destruction. How will this all play out? A divine realignment has taken forth into the minds of men. Honor must come back for this world to unite to unity. As the only way to get to 3 from 2 is 1. One is the bridge to eternal salvation. For me Christ is the bridge as one is the only thing that truly “matters” here. This is really not rocket science it is pretty basic stuff. If you fight these words your war is not with us, it is with yourself.

It would appear that the movie the cabin in the words was correct lol. Something went really wrong here Houston. The Divine Comedy being played out into reality are you eating popcorn in the stands or writing your own story, or are you just some punch line in someone else’ story? Is your name written in the Book of Life? Just know this, in God I know we’ve Won. Like the great song says you gotta go through Hell to get to Heaven. Like the other great song says I’m the Peoples Champ. No I am not really so narcissistic to believe one man can make much of a difference, however I do know an Army can. What Army do you fight for? Heavenly battles Demons, Angels, and Great Serpents. How will this tail end?

It would seem some people are missing out on a great mystery of reality in 2016. It would seem as if the Great Tribulation is at hand and perhaps it is time to show God the Miracle for once, as God has never forsaken us. The ultimate question for all is are we seeing Grand Delusions or the Fall of Grand Illusions only time will tell…

Meanwhile Christians are going through the greatest tribulation in the middle east. For a dark wave has come upon them. If the world continues to ignore the truth the manifestation of horrors will play out into our reality. Unity is the goal for it is the slave we have come to free. How much longer will it take to expose the weak sinful nature of man? Demonic activity is present in the lives of robots. The entire issue with this world is this. A man watches a women leave her purse in a cart, without thought he alarms her of her mistake. She thanks him and he gives her purse back. She leaves and now he starts to think. Think of how broke he is, think of how much he needed that money, however his first nature was not to think, it was to do. If you are too busy thinking of what is right, then you are wrong and you worship death. This beast system wants you to think, because while the world was so busy thinking Satan has come upon you and you don't even see it.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

End Times Prophecy!! CERN Hellgate Illuminati NWO - Antichrist 2015! Fin...

This September 2015 Petrus Romanus the final pope is here and some say Pope Francis will declare the Antichrist this fall. In this video solid proof is supported that CERN has the power to open a Stargate to another world. Many prophets believe that CERN will create a Portal to what we consider Hell. The CERN Hellgate has already been established as we are seeing spirals in the sky world wide.

If you do not believe these words then tell us why the Illuminati are declaring 2015 the official "Year of Light" The Luciferian Illuminati light is what is being referred to and the United Nations are declaring this the year of Lucifer. So one could easily conclude that this will be the year of the Antichrist. CERN news has declared the discovery of a new pentaquark particles. "Penta"quark the Satanic Pentagram comes to mind. The LHC has now discovered the gateway between our dimension and the next higher dimension of the soul. I believe that we exist on two planes but are only aware of this reality. Our soul is the normal state of existence, when one day poof we find we are alive. We still communicate on a soul level and physicist / psychics know this others know this but the public has been deceived. Materialism is how one gains power in this reality / dimension these Illuminati are obsessed with this dimension thus they are obsessed with materialism. Their NWO will be that of strict Luciferianism under a materialistic new world order. For many people on this planet they are already living in this wicked NWO and anyone who attempts to open their eyes they ridicule. This is because they are already there my friends, they support materialism so fundamentally they see any other system as a threat to their happiness (really they are miserable trying to fill the void created by living away from organic reality) and attack it to their fullest ability. Thus we now see Isis being emporwed Obama actually admitted that the U.S government was funding and supporting Isis, I believe he did this on purpose to show he is in control now. We see shills attacking anyone speaking the truth on any public forum, attacks on all religion. These people are ready to establish their New World Order.

What many of these shill and uneducated people (falsely educated is a better term) do not understand is that matter is affected by consciousness (of course a materialist can not grasp this at all) this means that Hell yes CERN can open a stargate to another dimension because life creates matter not the other way around. Most of these skeptics are fundamental materialist meaning that their reality is here they cut off the soul, they are only working on one plane of reality. We live spiritually and let our soul guide us where they do the opposite so of course you will never convince these people of anything, even as we see portals in the sky there are skeptics saying its not real. It is a rocket spiral wow their ignorance amazes me, prove this then I have never seen any rocket or missile create a perfect portal spiral in the sky. The video shows absolute proof that the Antichrist is here and CERN via the LHC is thinning the veil between the spiritual realm and this reality. This means many prophets shall emerge which the Book of Danial states in 12:4 "people will run to and fro and knowledge shall increase". Why? Because the soul knows no time, it is the soul that creates this reality. Like I always say its like the movie Nightmare on Elm Street. Freddy lives in another dimension but he can be pulled out into this reality.

This is what the architects of this reality know that we create with knowledge from another dimension. If the dimension of the soul is changed then our material reality will change as well. Spirit reality is manifested in what we see in this reality. We now see a massive attack on Christianity and it is so obvious now for some it is totally unbelievable. They are doing this because the elite worship demonic entities that are killing their spirit so that they might live through them and experience in this reality. We are blessed to be living in this reality and it is sad that some people are so deceived that they allow demonic entities and other entities to experience through them. But no matter if you live with your creator your creator is betting on you, that you will make it and if you want true eternal life (A great demonic promise that the elite have chased since before Ponce De Leon and the Fountain of Youth) There is no eternal life in this material reality if you follow a demonic entity. You see God can do more than allow you to live forever via robotics as these elite plan on doing. They NWO Illuminati believe they will be advanced with robotic parts and live forever via your children's stem cells. True biotechnology. God needs not use such foolish knick knacks to give us long lives those who believe have already been granted eternal life, but perhaps its not what you think because you have been deceived by the reality these demons present you.

There are even people who agree with what I am writing but then also say wait Christianity was a lie and God is not who you think. Funny when people attempt to tell me such a thing. We have divine communication if we choose to accept it and God said if you have faith anything you ask me will be revealed. One just has to be able to differentiate the voice of their creator with that of a demonic entity and in these times some other voice (they now have technology that can be used to implant thoughts and ideas into your mind). The fact is as a being here God has gifted you with his communication, it is a gift to not know this communication for God also states those who do not wish to know him do not have to. We were not created to live in big cities and live off of Walmart. We were built to be self sustaining nuclear family units and now that reality is a thing of the past. This is new to humanity and this new reality is all bad. If you could go back 100 years and talk to somebody in the past and tell them how we live today they would not think it so good as we do today. They would say you have been deceived however we have now taken God from the equation and considering the fact God is the equation things are surely to get worse if we continue down this line of treason. America has more jails than schools, did our founding fathers lock everyone up like this? Was gun violence so bad back then as it is today? 

The answer is no we have been deceived. In fact in the times of our founding fathers there was something called a duel. I know for a fact that if today we still had the duel this reality would be all the better for it. The duel was to keep evil men in check and as long as the duel stood in America the Fed did not exist. The outlawing of the duel in America would be the beginning of the end of America. That is just one of the things people do not even realize today, no there we not a lot of duels and tyrannical governments had all been brought down. You wonder why? Because evil men don't want to die.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Year of Light 2015 September - Asteroid Impact or CERN Portal Tesseract ...

Did you know 2015 is the official Year of Light? This implies that 2015 is the year of Lucifer. You personally may not believe this however the fact is that all secret societies are held together under the Illuminati and they have officially deemed 2015 the year of light.

There has been talk of an Asteroid strike off the Atlantic Coast interesting that is where Atlantis is suppose to lay. Cosmic rituals Earthly lay line energy rituals like Tomorrowland it would really appear that 2015 would be the cosmic year of light. Scientist have been talking of climate chaos interesting enough the weather over here has been chaotic tornadoes, earthquakes, could we really bear an Asteroid strike? Perhaps we should have more fear of our fellow man than cosmic heavenly bodies however. The pope is to arrive in America this September the final of four cosmic blood moons.

2015 we have CERN cranking up to its highest levels ever, massive military training exercises like Jade Helm, the pope arriving in America on Yom Kippur Day of Atonement, and rumors of an Asteroid to strike of the U.S east coast. The Mystery of the Shemitah we hear talk of the Judgment of God coming down on those wicked people embracing sin. It would appear these wicked men plan to become Gods of this world, however I think history has shown time and time again what happens to those wicked men who want to become God, the Tower of Babel comes to mind.

Some people are saying that the Tomorrowland festival is a satanic festival. Perhaps not in the most maniacal sinister way you might think. An ancient energy festival for an ancient machine. This would mean that CERN is the gate and the people now hold the key. The key to the bottomless pit they now seek to release Apollyon the destroyer of worlds. You really can't make this stuff up its pretty epic times we live in, I think they know this and are attempting to guide it as they deem 2015 the Year of Light. So again you might not believe this, but someone with a lot of money does.

Jesus Christ is salvation for mankind we are fortunate to have a caring and loving God if not for a loving God we would have already been destroyed five times from Sunday. God did not leave us in despair God left us all with a fighting chance.

If you still do not believe that CERN can be used to give light to the fallen then you have been deceived. If you are familiar with information theory then you are aware that if CERN cannot "create" antimatter. Instead it exchanges light with dark you may not understand this, however someone else working at the LHC does. So again it matters not what you believe it matters what the so called masters of reality believe, because they are now fully controlling all aspects of reality. They have been waiting for these little times for a very long time and your salvation is with Christ. Truly epic times in the history of mankind let us show God mankind stood for what was good not to the sinful desires of the flesh.

Let the truth shine on us all in what could possibly be the end of days for these times. Could CERN really be the machine that will be used to release the beast of revelations? I have heard many conspiracy theories let us take the most outlandish conspiracy theory and see what comes up. The flat Earth conspiracy theory is a doozy that no one wants to touch. A branch of this theory suggest we could actually be living in a dome and not know it. Well.... Interesting but how about this, let us take another extreme theory like we did not really land on the Moon and now they can both make sense. Weather or not the Earth is flat or round could be perception of reality. Consciousness has been shown to effect matter. As well what you are born into is normal.

What if mankind did not go to the Moon because they could not enter the heavens? Perhaps outer-space is like an ocean like a water star gate. Every star could be a portal to another place. A being could reside over every point of light. If you reverse launched a NASA rocket from the Moon and sent it full speed into the ocean what would happen? It would not be good it would be destroyed, if space is a vast dark ocean that we cannot penetrate would we admit it, especially during the Cold war era. How about this what happens to a submarine if it is deep under the ocean and it gets punctured? It decompresses instantly and is crushed all atmosphere is disbursed. The same thing happens on a spaceship. As well what happens when you stick a pencil in a cup of water? It refracts, Einstein's theory of relativity shows how the light of a star does the same thing gravitational lensing.

Interesting conspiracy theory to say the least. So if space is a vast dark ocean what if CERN is creating a whirlpool in space, or a Wormhole in space? Perhaps a blackhole is a cosmic drain so to speak and the normal flow of that drain can be reversed to let something out instead of pulling souls in? That's a thought for you to think on anyway. In the end it looks like someone is testing the waters and time will show if this theory becomes reality. For the latest Conspiracy Theory Videos and Information visit Conspiracy to Reality Fighting for Truth!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mystery of Elisa Lam - Elisa Lam Video Evidence of Cover Up - Ghostly Conspiracy - Cyber Haunting?

Thy mysterious death of Elisa Lam. The Elisa Lam story is bigger than most people could imagine. We live in a brave new age; an age where anything is possible. This ghost story is just beginning...

Amidst all this creepiness we have to remember a young girl was found in a water storage tank on the top of the Hotel Cecil. The Cecil Hotel has a history of bizarre ghostly occurrences and if you were going to present the world with true haunting evidence this would be the place to go. The picture of that empty elevator is perhaps one of the strangest things I have ever seen with my own two eyes. But we have to throw the suspicions flag on this case for many reasons. I will present a video that brings up some very interesting questions. For one why would the police submit to the media minutes of extra footage that does not have Elisa Lam in the video? Obviously strange things are going on inside that empty elevator. These homicide investigators are not the conspiracy / ghostly types, meaning they would not insult the family by releasing video footage of a haunted elevator. However, the police did release this mysterious Elisa Lam video footage of the empty elevator all the while the coroner still had not released a cause of death. If you know police
protocol then you know this is very suspicious of the detectives in the Elisa Lam case.

The video also shows an interview by a CNN news reporter on Lam’s mysterious death. The reporter was interviewing a woman who in the most bizarre thing I could ever imagine would say this and I quote “It kind of feels like the beginning of a Horror Novel, like this is the beginning of a Ramon Chandler Story.” Now we find out there is a Hollywood movie deal that will be based on…. You guessed it the Elisa Lam ghostly “accidental” death story. As well the women from the book store looks familiar, sometimes it feels like the news is manufactured. That’s irrelevant right now though. Some say Elisa Lam could still be alive; I am not sure what to say on that one except that I believe the person in the elevator was the person killed in the water tower of the Cecil. Whether or not that was really Elisa Lam I cannot really say. Now we are moving into the realms of conspiracy and for that one do have an Elisa Lam conspiracy theory of my own.

We see a mysterious photo of a person taking a picture and some people have said that this was really Elisa Lam because of a sleeve that is similar to one she was wearing in a picture. Could Elisa Lam have staged her own death as part of some ritualistic Illuminati sacrifice ritual? Anything is possible and when you look deeper into this entire story you see it start to break down and make no sense whatsoever. How did Elisa Lam get onto a secured rooftop that only the Hotel staff had the key to? How did this petite girl break into any one of these water towers atop of the Cecil Hotel? Why would anyone dive into a dark water tank at 2 in the morning anyway? You would know that once you jumped into the tank there would be no way to get out unless you had a fireman with you with some equipment to get you out. Heck the fireman had to cut a whole in the tank to get her body out? How did she get on top of the water tank anyway? But let us not get ahead of ourselves there is still more on the mysterious haunted Cecil elevator to contend with.

A Red Herring is something a person throws up when they want to keep your attention away from something else. Like what I was just writing about above, how did she get into the water tank when access to the rooftop is restricted? So back to the haunted elevator we see footage of Elisa Lam in the acting oddly in the elevator. One thing strikes you when watching the original Elisa Lam video however, the fact that the video was encoded to distort the time stamp. I know how to do this with video editing software as well, and this tells anyone who knows about video and audio that this is not the original Elisa Lam video footage. Because the original video would have clearly shown the time-stamp at the bottom of the tape. It was altered most likely because the new footage was slowed down. This would make it appear she was drunk / drugged / crazy / haunted, just fill in the blank. There appears to be an agenda from the get go on this case, and that agenda appears to lean on the ghostly mysterious haunting of Elisa Lam. Now we see a movie deal, why not I will watch the movie.

The Hollywood Illuminati conspiracy for the Elisa Lam case has some interesting theories but is more speculation than anything. So Hollywood maximizes on a young girls death in a haunted hotel in California its epic, its fate, it’s been a long time coming. Speaking of Hollywood movies did you know that the movie “Dark Water” has already been released that is based on the mysterious ghostly haunting in an apartment that kind of resembles the Cecil Hotel? This movie also is about how a young girl that even perhaps looks similar to Elisa Lam as a child, this girl was found dead in a water tank on the rooftop of the apartment building. As a consequence of a dead body being in the apartment buildings water supply dark water was coming out of every water faucet in the building. I forgot to mention that in the Elisa Lam case dark water was flowing out of every water faucet in the Hotel Cecil and people were actually really drinking this appalling water. That makes my stomach turn to say the least. People were in outrage but the local government deemed the Hotel’s water safe to drink…. They say all the chlorine killed the…words can’t describe what is going through my head right now. God bless those people and bring those to justice who could do such a thing to these hard up people who have to live in that Hotel.

So a Hollywood movie called Dark Water is exactly like the Elisa Lam story you might say is that it? No in the movie “The Departed” there is a sign in the background that says Liza did it. Now I have looked around the internet and I found something that I have not seen anyone else mention, and that is the fact that there is a girl named Eliza Sam who is the same age ethnicity and is in the same city Vancouver Canada. What are the odds someone with the name of Eliza Sam would also go unheard of around the same time as Elisa Lam, but she did! You take the E off of Eliza and you get Liza and the sign in the movie from 2005 “The Departed” says Liza did it. Can we really make this stuff up anymore? What are the odds of that and the girl on the picture looks just like Elisa Lam. It is as if there is some genius out there creating modern day mysterious for people to solve…. Even the women on the television stated this is like a mystery to be solved.

Well if this is a mystery what are some other things that make the Elisa Lam case so darn mysterious? How about the fact of the man who lived in the Hotel at the time of the disappearance of Elisa Lam, he reported a loud bang that knocked him out of bed and said the next day the water was dark. Here we go some witness testimony from the news this is in the video I present as well. What did this man hear? Well he claims in the middle of the night so I would say around 2:20 in the morning either he heard the lid to the water tower fall onto the Hotel Roof, which would be loud. Or he heard her get shot, either way since he says the water turned black the next day he heard her being killed / or placed into the water tower. I have already gone over my take on the elevator footage, it was doctored and the Hotel is really haunted. Let us talk about some of the mysterious things this Hotel has had happen in its many years in operation The Skid Row Hotel Cecil.

Mysterious hotels are right up my alley the movie 1408 is one of my favorite movies of all time. I’m not big into famous people I see that as the ultimate disempowerment however John Cusack is a gifted actor and kudos goes to him when it comes to playing a role in a Hollywood movie. Haunted Hotels are always an interesting topic to say the least. I understand that there are now two forms of haunting there is the demonic form and the synthetic form of haunting. Basically people using the new age in cyber technology can haunt you but organic haunting also exist. The video goes more into such topics for now we will stick to the organic events that have played out at the notorious Cecil Hotel. In 1927 this Hotel was built, a very interesting year if you know about the occult.

Richard Ramirez. Serial Killer from Cecil Hotel
1984 and 85 was a big year for the Cecil Hotel when an occult style Satanic serial killer occupied the hotel and murdered 13 women. Interesting number keep in mind there is not one hotel that has a 13th floor. As well the number 9 and 13 are big occult numbers which is why the movie 1408 is such a perfect number as it avoids two major occult numbers while avoiding them showing them to be important, off the topic just some information on the significance of numbers in the Occult. So Richard Ramirez aka the Night Stalker killed 13 women from the Cecil Hotel during his murderous ritualistic crime spree. Another serial killer stayed at the infamous Cecil Hotel named Jack Unterweger. Mr. Unterweger was released from an Austrian prison and sent to America as part of a rehabilitation program for violent offenders…. Interesting we see them doing this to this very day allowing violent illegal immigrants to roam free on American streets. Anyway Jack Unterweger killed 3 women from the infamous Hotel. So we have two evil men staying in this Hotel killing people and the Hotel was just built not even one hundred years ago. Now on to the suicides in this mysterious Cecil Hotel, in 1962 a woman by the name of Pauline Otton jumped to her death from a “9th” floor window landing on George Gianinni killing him instantly. Interesting enough Elisa Lam was born on April 30th, 1991 another very significant occult day. This Hotel was obviously built in a place of extreme supernatural energy it is obvious evil is draw to this dark Hotel. The ghost of Elisa Lam / the girl on the video tape is most likely haunting the hallways of the notorious Cecil Hotel.

The Elisa Lam conspiracy is starting to heat up perhaps it was some sort of Illuminati energy ritual. There will be Hollywood movies on the Elisa Lam mystery, but what if there was another agenda for the elite Illuminati and their NWO plan to dominate the masses. The video goes to explain how using somewhat sophisticated computer technology a computer program along with a well planted virus could work to cyber haunt you. I was thinking about this and for some reason things kept coming to me with the things I was looking at of a sinister plan to mess with people. We now hear of smart technology we associate that with our cell phones and televisions but do you know if you have certain energy efficient light bulbs they are created with their own unique IP address and transmitters, even perhaps a solar cell to stay in a permanent “vampire” mode? So what if one night you were looking up the Elisa Lam video at 2 in the morning and then all the sudden all your lights turned off. Your television suddenly turns itself on, your cell phone turns off and your stove starts beeping. What you did not realize is that while you were watching that video a hidden virus was installed deep into your computer. In the meantime your IP is logged and a complete psychological profile is compiled on you via all your social media, movie viewing and music habits, and your search engine searches. With this information a program could determine whether or not the virus should do its job. If the psychological profile show’s the right information the virus will allow hacking into all your smart technology. That is a conspiracy if I have ever thought of one, but I am not sure you understand just how possible this really is with today’s computer technology.

In the end we will wonder what really happened on that February day in 2013. There are many questions and a few answers but one thing is clear, Elisa Lam died in some sort of occult ritual. That Hotel has occult symbology and purpose. Was there ever a girl named Elisa Lam in the first place? To me the most interesting thing is her last name, Lam pronounced lamb a sacrificial lamb. Could this be another Illuminati Hollywood sacrifice? I would say very possibly yes. In the end like the sign said in the movie “The Departed” maybe Liza really did it….


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Martial Law 2015 - Walmarts Closed - Jade Helm 15 - Military Training Ex...

Did you know that as of 2015 there are thousands of Walmart's around the United States and the greater world? Did you know that the building design structure was devised as a Multipurpose Military installation? So while we shop at Walmart, the true purpose of Walmart is to act as an emergency military base. These military installations are set up with massive underground tunnels that connect up from Colorado, California, Washington D.C, and even the Ozarks.

It makes perfect sense if you just think about it for a second. Underground tunnels underneath Walmart and Sam's Club would be ingenious all that food, water, and equipment could multipurpose for U.S military personal. As well if there is wicked Illuminati with the goal of a NWO government how easily could they starve out any country foolish enough to have replaced all their natural resources, stores, and shops with a nice multipurpose Walmart. If you think about it people have really come to depend on their daily Walmart, what if it was to close?

Oh wait with the news of the coming military exercise Jade Helm 15 many Walmart's have closed cited phony plumbing issues. Talk about a conspiracy theory! This Jade Helm 15 is no conspiracy but some would like you to believe Jade Helm is a conspiracy. It's funny that I would not believe a plumbing problem either as many of these locations local media check and found out that no orders for plumbing issues were placed by these Walmart's...

Martial law is a term many people have brought up in the past; I would ague that depending on your perspective we are already under a police state. Wake up people it takes a police state set up first to impose martial law. This means we are already on the cliff and everyone seems to be following a blindfolded leader. Willfully ignorant to any reality of what is really going on here in America and around the greater world. Perhaps this explains all those Walmart’s that moved into towns where they were not invited too. I worked for a Walmart perhaps this explains the intense fear they put in their workers about joining a Union. I mean how that would work considering these buildings are really government installations…

Jade Helm was mentioned in a movie as well we see all kinds of other events like 911 and the Pelican brief movie that was playing during the Gulf Oil Spill…. Sad movie while they saved the pelicans in the movie in reality the Gulf Oil Spill all but destroyed them. Is it a coincidence this movie was playing the same week of the Gulf Oil Spill? Or the movie Back to the Future and its 911 connections. So all that and now Jade Helm is mentioned in the movie “Law Abiding Citizen”, ironically Jade Helm is said to target law abiding citizens. You really can’t make this stuff up, the truth is bizarre to say the least.

 The only question is how likely would it be for these elite NWO powers to turn the world against itself? They have done it before… This is a short American Tyranny blog post; the video shows some more information on the summer jade helm 15 training exercise. The movie shows a few things. First this video shows how local media does not even buy what these corporate military industrialist are selling us. The people do not buy what they are selling us either. Will there be marshal law??? I will say this Hitler pulled a blitzkrieg style European invasion. Hitler was backed by these industrialist / robber barons now run and own the Corporate Military Industrial Complex. When you are tyrannical the element of surprise is your main trump card. The only issue now is the world is waiting for the next false flag…. Well we now know about their underground bases that the elite are all flocking to nowadays... Only time will tell if martial law will go full force Nazi style, I would hope man would be better than this, however going by history I am not so optimistic. Good luck and God bless to all.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Book of Revelation - Strange Noises in the Sky Worldwide- 7 Trumpets of the Apocalypse!!!

This video Last days September 2015 shows a fraction of the heavenly signs of a future Apocalypse. God is here and the fight with the Illuminati and their NWO agenda is spilling into our reality. Since December 2012 strange noises have been heard in the sky around the world. Some say the 7 trumpets are from the seven angels of the apocalypse warning all of a looming disaster. Others say man is using HAARP to create these strange sounds in the sky around the world. The line blurs when either man or God are ringing the bells of a coming battle of Armageddon. Biblical prophesy states signs will be seen in the heavens and on Earth. Either way we see these signs and whether it be man or God sounding the trumpets of doom someone is sounding the alarm on the end of days.

We now see oceans of red, birds falling dead from the sky, rumors of war, tyrannical rulers, strange noises in the heavens, not matter skeptic or conspiracy theorist one thing is clear things have changed from the 90’s to today. There is talk of war with Russia by a tyrannical group called the Illuminati, this group is now establishing a New World Order (NWO). It would appear the Russians who have already defeated this ancient bloodline as well as Americans who as well got away from these ancient bloodlines are coming to an understanding that a tyrannical NWO government is attempting to regain their ancient grip on our reality. Obviously these NWO Illuminati are attempting to pit nations against each other in order to sneak back into the shadows of rumor and speculation. WWI and WWII both started as men and women started to wake up to the tyrannical powers of the NWO. The United Nations was established as a corner stone for the New World Government.

Now we see the United Nations moving into America in order to quell any rebellion in the Republic. While many Americans are still asleep trapped in a cycle of servitude and pleasure, millions of others are awake to the evil rising in this world. An extreme liberal agenda seeks to undermine the foundations of America. Only time will tell if we are truly living during the end of days. It would appear Cosmic Karma is coming down on all these satanic groups. This YouTube video shows how satanic rituals as well as the sinister Jesuit pope have had the wrath of God come down on them. Their false Gods are not protecting them from the full force of the Will of God. God is blowing out their torches and blowing their own ritual garments over their eyes. Some might say it is cosmic instant karma, other the wrath of God. Whether it be cosmic instant karma, God, our creator is not happy with these evil principalities and powers that man so foolishly worships.

Madonna was pulled down during an ancient Kabbalah ritual. Her lyrics as she fell sounded like I let down my God... God is showing us all signs of the end of times. The signs are clear and this video goes to show many heavenly signs and wonders. The Olympics rituals are ancient as well and again God blew out their torch ritual. The Olympic torch has been blown out time after time. The displeasure of God is apparent and our Nation is turning from God day after day. We now see these Federal mandates like the establishment of gay marriage. Of course people should be allowed to get married this is a non issue, just a Red Herring these Illuminati are putting up as they are scurrying into their holes. All the while the trumpets are being heard around the world, the seas are turning to blood, fish and birds are dying by the millions, bees are disappearing who can deny all these signs of the end of times?

The Book of Revelation is playing out in front of our eyes yet still refuse to wake up and open their eyes. Many are awake in 2015 and it is simply amazing to see this mass awakening. Danial 12 : 4 during the end of times people will run to and fro and knowledge will increase. Well my friends people are running to and fro and knowledge is increasing. If you do not see that you are willfully blind and ignorant as well as bathed in fear. This fear prevents from a full awakening. People believe going to work, and living in pleasure can never end. We see an epidemic of internet porn and evil laws being created. Did you know in Texas a law was passed that set’s the precedent that a rich person can do whatever they want and get away with it because they were too rich to know right from wrong????

The Affluenza Defense: Judge Rules Rich Kid’s Rich Kid-ness Makes Him Not Liable for Deadly Drunk Driving Accident!

Well I could ague I am too poor to know right from wrong, this is a tyrannical ruling and I cannot imagine its future implications. People have no clue what is secretly going on right under their noses, and yet I hear some people say this is impossible. A fact is a fact period you can dance around the truth all you want it still does not change the truth of our looming reality. Now God is blowing out their evil NWO satanic ritual flames.Gods word has shown us what they are planning and what we need to do to beat this NWO. The book of revelation, the book of Daniel, as well as many other books in the bible tell us what to expect in the coming days. It would appear we are in the end of days, however, I am sure during the 1920's and 30's they felt they were in the end of days, as well as in the 60's during the Cold War. We could have easily been destroyed during these times but Good men stood up to defeat tyranny. Some at their own peril they sacrificed their lives so we might live free. It is time to defeat evil once and for all, we have pulled them from their dark shadows into the light, now is the time to distinguish their flame once and for all!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Apocalyptic End of Days, NWO Plan - The Second Coming???

Some say the second coming is coming upon us quickly. There is overwhelming amount of evidence to show that something is coming this September, perhaps even this month of July 2015... Many people believe we are living in the Apocalyptic End of Days. Biblical prophesy is starting to line up with current events. When all the hands on the clock line up perfectly it is for but a brief second, but in that second anything can happen.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse are sounding their trumpets, ironical trumpet like noises are being heard around the world. This video shows just how close we really could be to a global meltdown. Now we hear the dollar could collapse. Rumors of war as well talk about Russian and America butting heads over Ukraine.
The proverbial shit is hitting the fan in 2015. So we have talk of WWIII, an Asteroid impact ocean, a false flag attack, Ebola, FEMA Camps, and Isis threats, along with an American Civil War. If you have not heard of this not sure what reality you are living in. Perhaps all the talk about transgender and gay marriage has your mind running in circles, that's their goal.Around the world prophetic events seem to be playing out. The video above goes into detail of the Illuminati plan for a new world order. These people are kicking it into full gear this is no conspiracy either. All this stuff is in the mainstream media, not to mention all the red herrings they are putting up for the masses to be put into a trance like stupor.

Predictive Programming is real and this video shows you how the Illuminati have been using Hollywood to enact their sick fantasies upon the world. Perhaps these elite are trying to simulate a global apocalypse. In the end some things cannot be simulated eventually a point is reached where true biblical prophesy and their NWO plan line up, like the hands on a clock. Many believe the hands will start to get very close around September 22 to the 28th 2015 the date when the final blood moon of the Shemitah cycle. The final blood moon is very important. The four bloodmoons appear to be part of biblical prophesy and even perhaps shown in more ancient prophesy. Could the devil be on this earth tempting man until man breaks and the entire society collapses because man turns from God. Basically could there be a group that hides in the shadows tempting nations, and when a nation bites God turns from that nation? I would say of course there is it is not evil's fault men are weak, and as long as America followed God we the people were prosperous. America turned from God years ago, since then disasters have struck and time and time again American turns further from God.

The four blood moons that started 2014 and end on September 28th 2015. Every one of the four blood Moons have fallen on a sacred Jewish holiday. This has not happened in a very long time and it would appear the bible talks about these days.

  Predictive programming is almost like a prophetic warning given by someone who cannot officially warn you but still gives enlightened people a shot at the truth. Only the most enlightened will actually understand what subliminal messages appear in movies this is a science most people just do not understand. The truth of the matter is a lot of movies are telling us what lies in store for our future. In the end biblical prophesy has already shown who wins in the end. I highly suggest you watch the video above for more information on subliminal messages in Hollywood movies. You might just be surprised.