Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Year of Light 2015 September - Asteroid Impact or CERN Portal Tesseract ...

Did you know 2015 is the official Year of Light? This implies that 2015 is the year of Lucifer. You personally may not believe this however the fact is that all secret societies are held together under the Illuminati and they have officially deemed 2015 the year of light.

There has been talk of an Asteroid strike off the Atlantic Coast interesting that is where Atlantis is suppose to lay. Cosmic rituals Earthly lay line energy rituals like Tomorrowland it would really appear that 2015 would be the cosmic year of light. Scientist have been talking of climate chaos interesting enough the weather over here has been chaotic tornadoes, earthquakes, could we really bear an Asteroid strike? Perhaps we should have more fear of our fellow man than cosmic heavenly bodies however. The pope is to arrive in America this September the final of four cosmic blood moons.

2015 we have CERN cranking up to its highest levels ever, massive military training exercises like Jade Helm, the pope arriving in America on Yom Kippur Day of Atonement, and rumors of an Asteroid to strike of the U.S east coast. The Mystery of the Shemitah we hear talk of the Judgment of God coming down on those wicked people embracing sin. It would appear these wicked men plan to become Gods of this world, however I think history has shown time and time again what happens to those wicked men who want to become God, the Tower of Babel comes to mind.

Some people are saying that the Tomorrowland festival is a satanic festival. Perhaps not in the most maniacal sinister way you might think. An ancient energy festival for an ancient machine. This would mean that CERN is the gate and the people now hold the key. The key to the bottomless pit they now seek to release Apollyon the destroyer of worlds. You really can't make this stuff up its pretty epic times we live in, I think they know this and are attempting to guide it as they deem 2015 the Year of Light. So again you might not believe this, but someone with a lot of money does.

Jesus Christ is salvation for mankind we are fortunate to have a caring and loving God if not for a loving God we would have already been destroyed five times from Sunday. God did not leave us in despair God left us all with a fighting chance.

If you still do not believe that CERN can be used to give light to the fallen then you have been deceived. If you are familiar with information theory then you are aware that if CERN cannot "create" antimatter. Instead it exchanges light with dark you may not understand this, however someone else working at the LHC does. So again it matters not what you believe it matters what the so called masters of reality believe, because they are now fully controlling all aspects of reality. They have been waiting for these little times for a very long time and your salvation is with Christ. Truly epic times in the history of mankind let us show God mankind stood for what was good not to the sinful desires of the flesh.

Let the truth shine on us all in what could possibly be the end of days for these times. Could CERN really be the machine that will be used to release the beast of revelations? I have heard many conspiracy theories let us take the most outlandish conspiracy theory and see what comes up. The flat Earth conspiracy theory is a doozy that no one wants to touch. A branch of this theory suggest we could actually be living in a dome and not know it. Well.... Interesting but how about this, let us take another extreme theory like we did not really land on the Moon and now they can both make sense. Weather or not the Earth is flat or round could be perception of reality. Consciousness has been shown to effect matter. As well what you are born into is normal.

What if mankind did not go to the Moon because they could not enter the heavens? Perhaps outer-space is like an ocean like a water star gate. Every star could be a portal to another place. A being could reside over every point of light. If you reverse launched a NASA rocket from the Moon and sent it full speed into the ocean what would happen? It would not be good it would be destroyed, if space is a vast dark ocean that we cannot penetrate would we admit it, especially during the Cold war era. How about this what happens to a submarine if it is deep under the ocean and it gets punctured? It decompresses instantly and is crushed all atmosphere is disbursed. The same thing happens on a spaceship. As well what happens when you stick a pencil in a cup of water? It refracts, Einstein's theory of relativity shows how the light of a star does the same thing gravitational lensing.

Interesting conspiracy theory to say the least. So if space is a vast dark ocean what if CERN is creating a whirlpool in space, or a Wormhole in space? Perhaps a blackhole is a cosmic drain so to speak and the normal flow of that drain can be reversed to let something out instead of pulling souls in? That's a thought for you to think on anyway. In the end it looks like someone is testing the waters and time will show if this theory becomes reality. For the latest Conspiracy Theory Videos and Information visit Conspiracy to Reality Fighting for Truth!