Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Sandy Hook Conspiracy!! New Evidence Crisis Actors - Sandy Hoax! San...


The Sandy Hook Conspiracy is over the reality of what happened on December 14, 2012 is sad and the saddest part of the entire event is how easily the mainstream media can lie with a straight face. This video shows the abundance of proof that Shady Hook was a lie. The so called FEMA firefighters were old and obviously not really firefighters from Newtown Connecticut. This Newtown firehouse is a joke. This entire situation just goes to show how disconnected these NWO powers are from reality. Obviously this was staged in one of those infamous FEMA drills we hear so much about these days.

This was a staged drill and even FBI data shows there was no school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14th 2012. There is an abundant amount of evidence that shows there was a drill on that weekend of December 2012. Google shows that a website for the Sandy Hook shooting victims was created on December 13, 2012. So how is this possible, what the media just went on the wrong day?

The lack of emotion is overwhelming as well. In this entire video not a one person acts as if there was a school shooting that day. So if there was no school shooting then what really happened? Well look at the video in all the news footage from Sandy Hook there is a common theme. Gun control. Gun control was on the bottom of all mainstream news footage from that day. Little box at the bottom of screen telling us that Bloomberg ask for more Gun Control, five minutes after we find out there was a school shooting at Sandy Hook!! Yea... Right.....

So what other crazy things did we see. Robbie Parker laughing before his interview when his supposed child had just been killed by a crazed terrorist. If that had really happened no one would be talking, as no one would know what to say! I know my psychology and this is fact. Mr. Parker is famous now I can tell you that, and it is not from his child being killed. If the history books get written right, then he will go down in history! His acting career just may have paid off with this one. These pictures show how in one moment he is laughing and smiling joking around. Then the next when he "thinks" the camera turns on he starts hyperventilating himself to start showing emotion, but he still does not shed a tear. If you have a child you know just how stupid this really is.
Crisis actors were used in this event. The military is actually hiring crisis actors in some states. It is pretty interesting that FEMA and the military are hiring more crisis actors when we know they were used in the Sandy Hook Hoax!

There are so many weird things that happened on that December day. The Sandy Hook coroner was a riot! He even stated that this event would come back on to the heads of the people of Newtown CT. The conspiracy is fact and the powers that be know this. So many YouTube videos have been flagged and this just goes to prove the conspiracy to be true. Why would you ban proof of a conspiracy? Well that is easy they are scared of we the people. Why they are scared is beyond me..... All they have to do is cease and desist, be like Napoleon and exile themselves. They got their money perhaps the gun control will slip through their fingers again but they did get their scam money. Tons of money was received through phony donations, which is sad I have a legit fund raiser and have trouble getting money to actually help real people.

This is a big insult to real charities as well. The entire world knows of this conspiracy as well. I always say I ask 5 people about Sandy Hook now it is 3 know its a false flag, and the other 2 never heard of it. Then wonder how they have never heard of the "worst" school shooting in United States history. Yeah... Right... Sandy Hook will go down to like the song says be the hook that brings them back.. Interesting lyrics on that one, its like they have been setup from the beginning... Only time will tell how much further they try to push it, either way they will lose, history has shown us that. Just remember these military exercises and FEMA drills will be going on in an area near you. What are we to do with an out of control government running amok doing all these false flag drills everywhere. Now it looks like they are trying to fund a hostile take over in America. Perhaps they are not happy we see through their lies. There are so many of us that see through their lies it is almost hard to believe. Even they are not believing their lies anymore. But they are running drills in Michigan drills on nuclear fallout. Perhaps some of these drills are a threat to the people and the first responders partaking in the event. Only time will tell, stay vigilant, stay aware, film everything. News Top Stories