Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fighting the NWO! Predictive Programming Hollywood False Flag Invasion J...


Fighting the NWO! Predictive Programming Hollywood False Flag UFO Invasion Jade Helm 15!

This is a series of videos about the Build of Jade Helm across America, How Hollywood has used Predictive Programming to reveal Jade Helm Psychological Operations to the world! The first video is interesting but short. When we were driving home from picking up our daughter from school a Semi Truck got in front of us. It looked inconspicuous at first but upon closer examination we saw government tags. Not local government tags but Federal Government tags. We filmed a lot more we cannot put on YouTube. We followed this truck for 20 minutes and I posted the five second turn around we did. I will say one word... Black Helicopters are in our area constantly!

The series of videos after this go to expose agenda 21 and the plans of the elite NWO. CERN is being used in support of this evil agenda by the new world order elite. Well CERN just plays a role, the role to bring in the new age of Aquarius. These elites have been caught doing their evil deeds constantly and it is time to wake up and expose the plans of the New World Order. The elite NWO think that CERN is their key to lifting the veil between our worlds.

Predictive Programming plays a crucial role as I show in these videos with Obama and the Manchurian Candidate role he is fulfilling. These seven videos will reveal to you all the sick evil plans of the upper echelons of power in this world. You will see a great revealing and in this revealing you will have a great awakening. Your eyes will be open if you are a critical thinker. There are many good people in this world fighting the tyranny of this wicked new age system of the beast. Yes they plan on unleashing the biblical beast upon this world. The book of Revelation is being fulfilled. There comes a time when in their attempt to control events of the world like weather, news, and so on that these powers will bring the full wrath of God on this nation.

Now we see Isis and more attacks on Christians and those attacks these elite are moving into America. Isis has already been killed on American soil. Their plans are in full force and picking up steam find the truth turn of your television and turn on this video now. The Apocalypse is now and the time is now.
So if you are ready sit back hit play and relax. The time to act is now, fight tyranny with truth and join the revolution today!

More information. Find out how HAARP is being used to control the weather in order to kick off the Apocalypse. Find out how the pope will arrive in America in September 2015. Some even say that September 23, 2015 will kick off the end of the world as we know it. The Illuminati is in high gear drowning the masses in fear and spreading their wicked liberal agenda to the masses! Will there be a false flag UFO invasion as I have spoken about for years now? How is Obamacare going to be used to install the mark of the beast? How is Obamacare is leading the way into the evil transhuman movement! It's all in this YouTube Playlist so check it out today!