Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jade Helm 15 News. Fake Soldiers to Invade America?! WTF??!!

Jade Helm is in full gear even though the official start date for the Military Exercise Jade Helm 15 was supposed to start on July 15th 2015 I do believe... However, we see the military exercise has already begun in Michigan, and Ohio I know for sure. What is going on with this exercise? The question everyone is asking is will Jade Helm go live? That is the million dollar questions but I will say I have faith in the U.S Army. I do not have faith in politics and foreign troops roaming around our country under the ruse of military training. Those of us with a brain are all wondering how the military will respond to a false flag by some three letter agency. 

While I was surfing the internet a few months ago I ran into this video. I was troubled by a few things. First of all the man pulled over for speeding in the clip acts suspicious from the onset. He immediately steps out of the car, this implies he does not want the police officer anywhere near the vehicle. We see people moving around in the vehicle. So what is going on in this vehicle and who is in it you have to wonder? The man then rushes the police officer in a way that a trained military soldier would not. Having military training I know this man has very poor training. Someone with something to hide and knew they were going to get into a shootout would have angled the vehicle for cover, hell or just sped away. So speeding away must not have been an option because he must have known whatever he was covering up was worth his life. So he must have figured he would do what he did. It just looks fishy to me he could have used an element of surprise but acted sort of loopy / brainwashed. I looked for other sources for this clip and never did come across an outcome... This is suspicious as well. You got to wonder could this officer have unintentionally pulled over someone he was not supposed to? Was this an Isis soldier in a U.S military disguise? It could appear that way from the evidence in the video.

So my guess as to why they would they do this is this? We have all heard about the U S Army and Special forces running training exercises around that time with Ukrainian, Russia, and whoever else this administration feels fit to bring to America here in 2015. But it is hard to say what is going on until it happens. Just stay aware of your surroundings and stay vigilant, have no fear. Good luck and God bless.