Saturday, June 6, 2015

Gods Judgment! CERN 2015 Satanist Exposed! Ranting about the NWO!!

Have the NWO plans been exposed? Jade Helm grows bigger by the day and now we see Anthrax in the news! What is going on in America? Protocols are not being followed it would seem this administration is deliberately allowing Isis to run a muck in America!

CERN has been exposed and now the evidence is clear! The LHC is an ancient machine, (thus the Shiva Destroyer of Worlds in the CERN machine) that when used removes the veil between our reality and the reality our soul resides. We are tied into two realities via the soul (check my writing "The Great Simulation" If not there then read How the Earth Unlocks the mind. I have explained this simulation and I stated that when God sees that we all know what's going on the simulation will end. I figured that out some years ago and never pressed the issue considering if everyone understood it God would end and start a new. Old stuff I only had half the picture. So do those Hollywood songs take Counting Crows Mr. Jones, Lyrics "When I look into the mirror I wanna see me staring right back at me" Mr. Jones and Me. Stare into the Future and so on.

The issue is they are too busy talking to Mr. Jones rather than to Christ. I too understood that when the masses became aware of God then God would end this. What I did not take into account is Christ. Jesus is the only thing that can save us. When you study the occult if you do not stop and become stagnant and fall into some evil practice or religion because these elite people study this stuff to so unfortunately you have to step into their evil shoes. Well.... Somethings are just not possible to understand and I have done a lot of things but there are some things that are pure evil. If I kill someone it is in self defense and any charge I have or have not had has been tossed out and sealed.

So you would not even know if I was lying. Way off topic... lol.. (You have to think like this to understand them it is utter madness but somewhat humorous it is like they are in a evil role playing game with all of our lives.... (I might post one of those cards Its really like that song its some sort of madness! I don't think this up I just spit back out what they try to put in and y'all call me crazy, I'm spitting it back out your the crazy one so brainwashed you don't know is deep in there making you call me crazy... LOL Seriously if your reading still you know whats up leave a comment maybe I can see if any real human beings still exist out there.

It is no joke that CERN is an ancient machine that is being used to lift the veil between our reality of the soul dimension and our body. So this possibly means your soul will be sucked from your body, or it could mean that your eyes will see where the soul resides. We create from that hidden reality people an idea comes from where?? The soul throws some thoughts into the mind and pop creation one source to another two separate but unique things tied together via biological field. Long story I cover it on hubpages at steve8miller
So you study the occult most people stop where they feel comfortable... I thought about that one day, a man says "Yea I stopped at vampirism, Mormon, Satanist, what ever because its so me" WTF is this a pair of shoes people? A Flucking hat you wear for a weak until you see your just like all those other douche bags wearing the same played out NC hat!

This is reality and if your in it then you should be in it to win it and when you go full circle and just so happen to live most anywhere in the world that teaches Christianity then if you don't stop at a religion or whatnot you like and read and understand all fully then you always go back to Christ. The demons fear him, Christ holds power over all realms of occult and religion (and the powers at the highest orders know this) But most people post up shop in some free masonic corrupted cult that the bloodlines came in and changed years ago to trick everyone who fought to free themselves from the bloodlines evil tyranny in the first place.

You should be mad if you are not then you are a transhuman robot. Why would they single out Christianity? Because they are Satanist who know Christ dispels their demonic attacks! Our founding fathers new all of this and that is why they said we are a Christian Nation who run a Republic of the People. There are a select few people who just might be insane enough to take down the world and it will be a sad day if any non elite bloodline human being joins them. Slavery is what you will get Death Slavery and Eternal Damnation. Sure let's just stop there that's a cool religion. Funny they call people like us crazy I say us because if you are still reading this you got the message and now side with Christ.

Good video anyway Just thought I would drop a line to all those five people who read this blog. lol Get the Word Out! Repost this reshare get the world thinking of just how crazy they are just waiting for the swat team to kick in their door to take them to fun camp. My neighbor actually said 'yes if it is the police I would go with them" I said Go to Fun Camp.... She said just what people said during WWII no one could ever do that... They have already locked up an entire generation but if your over 50 or 60 you might not know because you sent your kids willingly without a fight. Who let's the state take their kid to jail for something their parents just knocked them in the head for in their day? Hypocrisy! Yea Just read my article "Growing up in the 90's in America!" Fun fun.... well unless you fell into those newly incorporated prisons and jails the State agreed to fill up. Hypocrisy now they want our kids and again are trying to put us in jail... But wait... I thought it was the kids fault? Our parents didn't go to jail for their same exact actions we were jailed for.

This is an epidemic people! I know I had a final internship at MCCPS and dropped out seeing the system is made to break good people down and prop up bad people while the people getting helped are overlooked. Don't point out how flawed the system is they might go after you.... No that would never happen anyway on a lighter note I am way off topic. These things matter and the issue is everyone ignores them. There is a time when you ignore at your own peril because Christ is coming back and in the end we all dispose of this vessel. Vessel because it is only meant to hold so much information a vessel only holds so much liquid. Most people live in a slight sliver of reality depending on how your body operates.

The word blood vessel again shows how the the blood is narrowed and focused via venules and from there blood pressure is controlled via a vessel. Our soul is contained in the body via biofield. This means that our consciousness is aware of everything there is no time or anything all is known. Our body is a filter that narrows / focuses the consciousness via biological field the blood flow is what holds the soul. This is why the occult are crazy over blood. Just like the red and blue pill revolution and the Matrix. The red pill is what is on the surface as when blood comes out of the body oxygen turns the blood red. In the body the blood is blue so the blue pill represents control as the blood is blue when it is maintained in its vessel via biofield. Cool stuff but in these times no one has time for talk of cool stuff. By the way that crazy neighbor may believe that crazy shit but her husband is a Vet and I would not send any cops that way. Or do they, who want's to find out?  Wow way to long funny I was just gonna write 2 paragraphs.

Love to all Christ be with You Don't stop your search there are no atheist, atheist just means your still searching. Keep looking friends you will go full circle start with Christ 90 percent of the world and we come back to Christ! So keep searching!

Maybe We Are Just a Game to Them after All...