Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Russell Brand Exposes Crisis Actors? Sandy Hook. Sandy Hoax???


Russell Brand gets MSNBC to admit they have an entire cast of crisis actors! Looks like Sandy Hook is more and more plausible daily! If you did not believe that CNN MSNBC and others use Crisis Actors then they have hooked you in their scheme of illusion! Russell Brand has worked to expose truth at some level but I am not even sure what he did here. He flustered the people at MSNBC so badly that they admitted they have a full propaganda wing crisis actors included! If anyone is going to ask me what this proves then they obviously are a shill (paid employee by government to cover up truth leaked onto the internet) why does MSNBC need to have so many crisis actors? Could it be that crime is lowering I am a certified demographer and have tons of data that shows how much crime has lowered since the 90's. This shows that police shootings have significantly lowed since the 1990's. This data shows that more police were killed by accident in 2009 than by violent crime. The data shows on all levels that crime has gone down significantly. That was in 2009 the 2012 to now data will show even more evidence how the overall violent crime rate has fallen.

Even the Sandy Hook FBI data shows no deaths at Sandy Hook! Sandy Hoax! Ironically enough the data does not lie! So why do these NWO powers want to make it appear there is all this crime and riots are breaking out around the world? The question is simple. Perception is everything, if I can get you to perceive there are riots everywhere and everyone is fighting one another in order to get the attention away from me I will do it. This is the mentality of these people. Perception is everything and you are the audience and the goal is to get the people to perceive all hell breaking loose so we go to WWIII so they again can escape and write themselves from the history books. These people are sick Sandy Hook shows just how sick they are. The proof is undeniable!

Russell Brand got the mainstream media to admit they have hundreds of crisis actors at any given moment. So if you are a mainstream news station and you are lagging on news stories does capitalism and the greed that goes with it present you with a choice. To go and create your own stories because in the end people are inherently good and evil news sells especially in America. Also does the government not run a propaganda wing that was created during the time of WWII? The answer is yes Hollywood is a branch of the government and these elite NWO folks own our government. Do the math.

If you had any questions they should now be laid to rest, if not then you are a shill or so into your illusion it would be too detrimental to your well being to accept in this moment, and will sink in at a later date. The flood gates are now opening and the truth is flooding out into the minds of the masses. The last times this has happened two world wars broke out. These people always start a world war when the people discover what has happened. The internet is the game changer. Now they are attacking the internet. These Illuminati and their NWO is being fought and now a secret war rages and this war is soon to pour out into your reality if you do not help spread the truth right now.

Sandy Hook is the key that reveals 911 and NWO a reality not a conspiracy. The questions are being answered and the answers are getting more and more evil. These elites are simply evil. The proof is all here in this blog on American Tyranny so be sure to bookmark this blog and come back for more news on American tyranny! Fight the charters of tyranny! America is based on the Magna Carta! These charters are what made America a free country under a rule of law over everyone even the elite. The issue is the elite think they are now Gods who can do what they want with no consequence! If we continue to allow this then the next Sandy Hook will be real! The next 911 will be a nuke and so on. So wake up and hold these people accountable so the next false flag does not work. So when the crisis actors are telling their story and your watching the news you see if they are sincere or not. When you are awake you will watch news differently you will see immediately when these mainstream news outlets try to lie to you. So stay tuned for the next chapter in American Tyranny! We are starting to gain ground we just need to keep up the age old fight! News Top Stories