Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Warning! NWO Government Exposed! Hellraiser 3 Black Saturn Hollywood Occ...

The NWO is getting push back from everyone angle. Hollywood is now recruiting for the Illuminati via mainstream music and Hollywood movies. This should be alarming! Their plans for the New World Order have been pushed back day by day and now the pressure cooker is running to a bursting point! What is the Illuminati plan to get their NWO back on track? Could these elite Illuminati be considering using CERN to open up a portal to manipulate space-time via wormhole? If you know your physics you know what CERN is capable of doing with the vast amounts of energy this machine consumes. When CERN slams two photon particles together they get an antimatter particle. What no one is telling you is that if this ancient machine were to slam two antimatter photon laser beams together it could possibly unveil entities beyond what we can see. Where they were dark they will be light. However, if this machine were to fail with antimatter it would cause a mega-quake of epic proportions.

We have seen interdimensional portals in Hollywood movies over the years. I am focusing on the movie Hellraiser 3 Hell on Earth. This movie is a New World production and a Future Films film released on 9,11,1992. The same year Bush announced his plans for a New World Order. An order that will be successful as Bush senior stated in 1990. Some would say that these movies are using predictive programming to make the masses think in 2015 CERN is going to open a blackhole portal to interdimensional space time. This video walks you through how Hollywood has used movies to subliminally program the masses of portals. We know that the occult has always been fascinated about alchemy and we know alchemy is the predecessor to science. What most do not know is that science has always been trying to recreate all the ancient alchemical mysteries and secrets.

After WWII the Nazi's were sent around the world to America in Operation Paperclip and to Russia and these scientist discoveries would lead to the cold war. An alchemical cold war a war to find the hidden secrets and these secrets lie at the heart of the NWO. The bringing of this ancient knowledge together to create God like men and bring in a new world order where the elite regain their foothold they lost after the Revolutionary War. Most of these men are ready to finish the plan by destroying the world via the ancient machine called CERN and yes we should all be concerned. This year at Bilderberg 2015 these principalities and powers are deciding how WW III will go. Will they create a major false flag attack? A simulated UFO invasion? How will the elite finish their ancient promise?

Something was found in Oak Island, now we see Tomarrowland talking about an ancient key. What could this ancient key be? Could CERN be the lock and this other item be the key? Would you believe that the answers to these questions are right in front of you? Many Hollywood movies have key pieces of information about how the NWO will initiate Armageddon this September 2015. This video shows a lot of information to these questions. We have been just as close two other times in recent history, and humanity has given God a miracle! Will Humanity show God another Miracle? Or will September 23, 2015 (Day of Atonement & Blood Moon)

Hellraiser 3 "Hell on Earth" is a good movie to analyze to see who the elite follow and how these elite illuminous plan on bringing in their evil agenda called the new world order. The original NWO was established by key men when they wrote the U.S Constitution! These men were fearless Hero's of Old! I am proud to say I am related to one of them! Zachary Taylor click the link to open new window to my article on the 12th president who was assassinated by the NWO one of many good men assassinated by the NWO.

CERN will remove the veil between realities. When God spoke we got funneled into bodies that's it. We did not leave our location as there is no location everything lies in front of your eyes the body just funnels consciousness. If one were to see the full range then one would see everything. Believe what you will, unless you have a keen understanding of physics and reality then you do not know. We swim in vibration and light, sound and light. Water in perfect vibration = light. We are in an ocean and if the veil is removed the beast will rise and Christ will return. The question seems to be, how long will mankind prevent evil from winning. There is always a battle behind the scenes a battle many do not know do not see but is as real as you or I. I go way more in depth into the actual physics and science on my other account in the Zachary Taylor link. It's time to defeat evil once and for all when the veil is lifted if there is positive energy then positive energy will radiate and the opposite is true with fear.

Fight fear with truth and love. Do not let anyone tell you that you are fear mongering! Jesus said it is our duty to expose corruption and its bloody blackened heart. Evil is ugly but we have Christ, did Christ not expel demons and say that you to have the power to tread serpents? Yes do your part use Christ believe in him and you will walk right through this wicked world. Good luck, and God bless all.