Friday, May 29, 2015

American Dream Unraveled

I recently wrote this article called 

I linked it because its the final conclusion of this writing which I wrote years ago now. Where this writing is the very basic reality of how we have become so detached from reality the Growing up in the 90's article just puts the nails in the coffin I guess. Anyway found this figured I would delete my old blog and add anything I found that I couldn't find the will to delete.

                                            The American Dream Unraveled!
I do not know maybe it is me; however I believe that most of the world’s governments have gone mad. It would seem to me that big business has done a pretty good job turning any piece of positive technology against us; well for now I will keep it at that. Keeping things simple I will say this I think that there are three types of people in this world, well at least here in America.

The first is the type that believes in a dog eat dog mentality (evolution / survival of the fittest) where their whole goal in life is to strive higher and higher and higher forever, until they die (although most are trying to live forever). For example they are judgmental always striving to rise up over their perceived rival. Wealth is the motivator because it boosts their ego. These people are willing to do anything, or say anything to destroy whom they consider their rival. Unfortunately they have now taken all of us on as their rival…

The second type is the humanitarian better word Christian the people who help people. They can hijack terms like humanitarian or liberal, or republican, (what about the constitution) not the word Christian. Anyway group 2 believes that people and nature are the number one priority. For example they are perfectly content with life often residing in the lower classes and they will live their whole life on the bare minimum because they do not necessarily care for material things. Some rise more than others; however with this type upward mobility is irrelevant.

The third type and most humorous in my opinion is the phony. This is the type that has a mentality of the first however; continue to fall short of their ultimate goals either for personal or societal reasons. They are not rich CEO's, but wish they were. I actually call this type the phony Republican or phony Democrat or phony human being (depends on what they call themselves).

You can not wrap everyone up so easily but this is my basic premise. The first group is the CEO's and the high class corporate society and (bloodlines); they care of nothing more than profit and power. Although I think this is what will most likely be the undoing of humanity, I do not necessarily blame them. I give them credit in doing what ever it takes to continue their agenda. With a series of laws they convinced the third group to write for them they were on their way into the government, and slowly infiltrated and pushed their agenda around the world. 

They now own us, they own the world. How did this happen? Easily if you are wise you already know the answer. Others have just been left in the dark because it is not too highly advertised. The first type of people ran into the third, end of story. Although both groups are relatively small together they are a fierce adversary.

The third group this is the group that is not part of the first group, but because of societal pressure or personal reasons (usually that of anti humanitarian reasons like racism, greed, wanting acceptance into what they perceive as the country club life, at the top of the hierarchy is the power they seek) they sell their soul to their captors. Some times it is hard to fathom that some of these people were the hippies now turned guppies. They, mostly because of yearning for some sort of acceptance just wanting to move to the suburbs and live the life they feel they deserve have chosen the dark side. That of greed and lies strong words I know, however, it is the unspoken truth.

Let's take a subject for example, Healthcare. Obama comes out yelling about Healthcare why can a man not walk into a hospital and get free treatment because the doctor took the oath to treat everyone no matter the circumstance? Why can the doctor simply follow his or her oath no need for healthcare! Right? Wrong... We need healthcare so the government can implant us with a chip and control our every move. Every aspect of reality they are attempting to control.

Where are the Republicans who were screaming they would stop this bill? Why will Obama simply not just make a doctor fulfill their own oath? They have everyone confused while they sneak in for ultimate control. Lets say the dollar fails and they have us all get implant's (the bill states this on Page 1004) this was to be done in 2013 so it looks like someone is doing something right, however NBC predicts that we will all be chipped by 2017. So here we have democrats using good ideas to try and take over the world and republicans turning a blind eye while those good people in both parties (there are a few) are slowing this first group of evil people down. 

Meanwhile they have everyone in a hamster wheel trying to keep up with the Kardashians. Ironically enough if these people knew who these Kardashians really where and their occult practices they would be appealed. So there we have it everyone the American Dream Unraveled I am glad someone got it because it is now lost.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jade Helm 15 Northern KY! Fake Jade Helm ambulances in Northern Kentucky...

This video was shot before the NWO was implicated in Jade Helm 15. It's a pretty quick shot as I did not feel like obviously filming the truck that day. Did not feel like having black helicopters fly over my house I saw a few of those that day as well. This like I said is a very short clip and it was taken before Jade Helm 15 was announced to the public... Well I guess it was not really announced as it was more revealed by alternative channels so to speak.

I had just turned around and she started filming beside me. We see unmarked ambulances which seems pretty fishy to me and most others. Considering the fact I have seen many movies where they reroute a 911 call and a fake ambulance appears to swoop the person up. This stuff is common knowledge now. Well now we hear about Jade Helm 15 and maybe these ambulances are more relevant than ever. What does the NWO plan on doing next? I am no conspiracy buff by no means but I do analyze things as we all should. It takes news from more than one source and active critical thinking to understand what is really going on here.

Now we hear about the TPP and have Jade Helm 15 and open borders and Isis threats. So what is really going on here people? I can understand if I were totally insane like they are how this all could make some sick evil sense. I do not think people thought Hitler was going to do what he did until it was too late. Do not let it get to the point that it is too late or we all will be in some trouble. I know Christ and pray for all to open their eyes and see the truth.

So what do you think these unmarked ambulances hauled by a semi with a government tag. Yes a government tag and the guy did not look like your average fire rescue guy, I know he didn't want to be filmed. In the end it does not matter what you think about this stuff because these powers in the Illuminati, and other cults and secret societies composing the NWO do believe this stuff.

CERN September,Cern 2015, Jade Helm, September 22 Time Travel Could it b...

What is going on in America nowadays? We see the Hoax at Sandy Hook and everyone knows it. People are waking up. If you ask 5 people about Sandy Hook it seems about 3 know its a hoax and 2 have never heard of the event. So that is interesting is it not? If you open your mind you will start to connect events like Jade Helm 15, the Illuminati, CERN, the NWO, and things like predictive programming.

This video shows how Jade Helm was talked about in a movie years ago. This video shows a lot of other stuff. Could the end of the world be soon? Perhaps a movie talked about the date of the end of the world as well. Or is this date some other future date of something major for humanity? Could time travel be possible? It would seem that time travel is possible just not how everyone thinks of it. Why take the body with you when your soul can traverse time and space? I talk about that more in my hubs on Hubpages. What is coming September 22? We have all heard about the four blood moons that are coming. We have seen three and the fourth one is set in September would you say around September 22?

If you like this video be sure to check out my YouTube channel and subscribe I have more videos on this subject and will produce more in the future. How long do we have? Will Jade Helm be the beginning of the end for America? What does that mean for us? Is the NWO plan as sinister as we think? Perhaps there has been a plan and God has control after all, the video would show things may not be as they seem here in America and across the world.

Weird Things Found on Mars. Face on Mars?! UFO on Mars?! Structures on M...

The best face on Mars. This video shows a simply amazing sight! From above you see an alien being on Mars. For more information on this video please go to Face On Mars. There does appear to be a solid formation that creates a being. Is there an alien on Mars? Is there a Mars conspiracy to hide images like this? Where does this Mars conspiracy end? Was their life on Mars in the past? Some might say this video poses more questions than answers.

I remember when I heard there was a face on Mars. I looked at it from above and thought yea that kind of looked like a man on Mars. This.. This.. This blows that out the window. This is obvious and what is that UFO behind his head? There is an obvious UFO behind this grey alien looking being. This seems to fit the image of a grey alien well. What are the odds I would capture this video the night I did? Slim to none considering I was out UFO hunting prior to finding this. Google Mars is what I used to find this image. Well it is more like looking at the Nazca lines. From above this is able to be seen but if you were on the ground like the Mars rovers you would not see it.

There is just so much interesting things going on in this video. King Tut looks just like this being on Mars. Not only is the grey alien looking being there but there is also a block face being like the Easter Island heads. So how are the Easter Island heads and a grey alien pictured on Mars? Check this Mars video out and tell me what you think. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Illuminati NWO CERN! Black Hole, Predictive programming Hellraiser 3! Th...

I posted this video here 2015 if you are interested in the NWO then watch this video. If you understand Saturn the black cube and the Kabbalah you have come to the right place. This video shows how CERN is being used to remove the veil between worlds. The veil is thin and they are making it thinner everywhere. We see Jade Helm, Illuminati, Predictive programming, and the NWO going crazy lately.

The New World Order has been imposed upon the people and it is time to fight back. Spread the truth break the lies. It is our job to bring these lies into the light for God to deal with once and for all. I am concerned with the youth and the enticing nature of how the mainstream media is portraying the Illuminati. We live in dangerous times and if we cannot unite to destroy this family then we will be destroyed. While they break up our nuclear families and laugh at us they are uniting and people are starting to wake up and see this.

Jade Helm is another thing we must worry about. Why are american troops and NATO troops on the ground here in America? Making Texas a hostile State? California hostile as well? Interesting the most extreme liberals and republicans are being targeted. Something is happening and this Hellraiser 3 movie explains in detail what is going to happen in the future. This movie was released on 9,11 in 1992 keep in mind this is a new world production and a future films film. Is this irony?

How does CERN play into this you might ask? We see tons of predictive programming when it relates to CERN and Jade Helm I have two videos one you have here. How many movies have predictive programming people ask. Wrong question. The question is why are the darkest movies so vital to this NWO. There are many movies like Hellraiser 3 but I will focus on this one for now.

So check out the video the NWO, Jade Helm, Illuminati, Predictive Programming, its all being exposed so lets open the flood gates! Get informed stay in tune with the divine and the truth will find you no matter where you hide.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Personal Quotes! Stand Up for Truth! Or Perish!

"We came from an ocean so vast in its size; now we come here and are many great rivers that limit our size. That's okay, for we have come to open your eyes" steve8miller
"God is the glue that binds the universe together" steve8miller.
"We are beings of water in perfect vibration with light."steve8miller
"Sound and Light God is all that is and ever will be, Christ be in you my friend" steve8miller
"If reality is what we make it, then what do we say about those who refuse to see it?" steve8miller Turn off the Television!
"A wise man once said, we are all insane, it is those who can use this to their advantage that succeed." (I am that wise
 "Looking on pondering on where this may go, I often wonder where to start. Fleeting thoughts adrift down endless highways never uniting as one, and now I know. Could there be a better start? For now I will say no. For humanity is adrift down these endless roads, and as long as we continue, we can never truly unite as one. For some this is the goal, foolhardily stumbling forward as we go, with progress slow, it is now that we must go. Somewhere in our past we were disassembled pieces scattered to and fro until we put them back together, the truth we shall never know. Soon will be the time, when Jesus' sacrifice for mankind is looked as a pass to do what we please; this will spring up and bring mankind to its knee's." 

Are we few or are we many? We have more knowledge in our finger nail clippings than the masses do collectively!

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Riots in Cleveland! Brelo Verdict "Not Guilty!"

Riots in Cleveland, Ohio have yet to begin as I write this article. So how do I know the future headlines looming in the future? Brelo verdict "not guilty". Riots in Cleveland mass civil unrest and bombings. Is this a headline for the future? I can only hope this article will shed light on the issues that have been plaguing America. So we have seen riots moving from state to state in this mass media fiasco. Where or when do these riots stop?

Here are some nice clean hard facts for you when it comes to riots in America.

From 1980 to the year 1990 America witnessed 14 riots.

From 1990 to the year 2000 America witnessed 9 riots the most severe being Rodney King (remember the theme white cops being found not guilty for killing black males).

From 2000 to the year to the year 2010 America witnessed 17 riots.

From the year 2010 to now America has already witnessed a stunning total of 18 riots that would seem to be building in intensity. So already from 2010 to May 17th 2015 only half way to 2020 we have seen more riots since 1970 and we know the 1970's saw hundreds of protest.

Here is another key question. What is the difference between a protest and a riot? The two different terms are beginning to merge and this is what I have always feared. A protest is typically peaceful where a riot has no particular aim.

Knowing the meaning of the two terms riot, and protest we can now see why the world governments have an agenda to blur the lines between a riot and protest. A protest has a direction a protest has an aim, well defined goals and steps to get a result. The riot has no aim, a riot is chaos with no meaning the people seldom come out ahead by rioting. So why are people rioting in America? The answer to this question might make you mad, but it makes sense and it is the truth.

I will now prove what is going on here in America and why. Since the Rodney King riots we have seen a specific agenda by the U.S mainstream media. What people do not realize is that police kill just as many white men as black men. My fathers friend lost a son in a bogus house raid and his son died and he was white. The fact of the matter is if you do a Google search on cops being found guilty for killing someone while on duty is obsolete they do not get charged. So why would the mass media put the spotlight in such a fashion as to show white cops killing black men and getting away with it?

One does not have to think too long if they are aware of what is going on around the world as I write this. The common theme would be the police can shoot innocent victims and get away with it, however the media only shows a white cop killing a black man. This seems absurd does it not? Is the media racist or something?

People are racist yes, but to think all the media is racist would be a little out there. The media is run by elite who want to introduce a New World Order. Yes, I have went there because they have stated this time and time again. Just run a quick YouTube search for presidents who have mentioned their New World Order. We the people would care not about a New World Order if it made sense. When we look at their version of a New World Order we see that their goal is a "Brave New World". A world where the elite create a world that is morally bankrupt. Attacks on religion and the constitution being key points to cull out of existence.

You might have heard a lot of news about the Baltimore riots. But have you heard about the gangs that have united in peaceful protest to help create a line between rioters and the police? Have you heard about the stand down orders early in the days of the Baltimore riots? The police could have easily broken up these riots but where told to stand down. Now they are already gearing up for the Riots in Cleveland, in my great state of Ohio.

In this blog I will post some crucial videos if you want to know the truth. The truth of the matter is the elite would rather we turn on each other than turn on them. The charges have been filed look it up even the pope is implicated. Whenever these powers are placed into the light a war just so happens to start a world war. Someone asked me the question the other day. Why do these riots seem to go on tour from one city to the next? What is going on? The answer is this check out the term "crisis actors" but these people already know when the next riot is because it is a tour in a way. The Obama administration cannot find enough crisis actors to sustain riots in more than one city at a time. Its a fact and if you watch the video you will see the truth.

I will be sure to update this blog daily until the future and the blog align. I pray I am wrong but so far they are going by the book. So look for riots in Cleveland now too the sad truth. Let us remember not to divide like they want us to. They are doing textbook "Art of War" divide and conquer tactics. How will a race war effect you? How will blacks turning against the police help anyone? They want the police to know they can kill with no consequence. When you see these things in the news look at the stories that are kept out of the light. Stories like the pending financial collapse, or even Jade Helm. Put the pieces together and you will see the sad truth of what the elite want us to do to ourselves. Destroy ourselves rather than see their horrendous war crimes.

We now see in Cleveland that they are waiting for the Brelo verdict. They have already anticipated the Brelo verdict being not guilty and riots 2 hours after the verdict.

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