Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Weird Things Found on Mars. Face on Mars?! UFO on Mars?! Structures on M...

The best face on Mars. This video shows a simply amazing sight! From above you see an alien being on Mars. For more information on this video please go to Face On Mars. There does appear to be a solid formation that creates a being. Is there an alien on Mars? Is there a Mars conspiracy to hide images like this? Where does this Mars conspiracy end? Was their life on Mars in the past? Some might say this video poses more questions than answers.

I remember when I heard there was a face on Mars. I looked at it from above and thought yea that kind of looked like a man on Mars. This.. This.. This blows that out the window. This is obvious and what is that UFO behind his head? There is an obvious UFO behind this grey alien looking being. This seems to fit the image of a grey alien well. What are the odds I would capture this video the night I did? Slim to none considering I was out UFO hunting prior to finding this. Google Mars is what I used to find this image. Well it is more like looking at the Nazca lines. From above this is able to be seen but if you were on the ground like the Mars rovers you would not see it.

There is just so much interesting things going on in this video. King Tut looks just like this being on Mars. Not only is the grey alien looking being there but there is also a block face being like the Easter Island heads. So how are the Easter Island heads and a grey alien pictured on Mars? Check this Mars video out and tell me what you think. Feel free to leave a comment below.