Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Personal Quotes! Stand Up for Truth! Or Perish!

"We came from an ocean so vast in its size; now we come here and are many great rivers that limit our size. That's okay, for we have come to open your eyes" steve8miller
"God is the glue that binds the universe together" steve8miller.
"We are beings of water in perfect vibration with light."steve8miller
"Sound and Light God is all that is and ever will be, Christ be in you my friend" steve8miller
"If reality is what we make it, then what do we say about those who refuse to see it?" steve8miller Turn off the Television!
"A wise man once said, we are all insane, it is those who can use this to their advantage that succeed." (I am that wise man.lol)
 "Looking on pondering on where this may go, I often wonder where to start. Fleeting thoughts adrift down endless highways never uniting as one, and now I know. Could there be a better start? For now I will say no. For humanity is adrift down these endless roads, and as long as we continue, we can never truly unite as one. For some this is the goal, foolhardily stumbling forward as we go, with progress slow, it is now that we must go. Somewhere in our past we were disassembled pieces scattered to and fro until we put them back together, the truth we shall never know. Soon will be the time, when Jesus' sacrifice for mankind is looked as a pass to do what we please; this will spring up and bring mankind to its knee's." 

Are we few or are we many? We have more knowledge in our finger nail clippings than the masses do collectively!

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