Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CERN September,Cern 2015, Jade Helm, September 22 Time Travel Could it b...

What is going on in America nowadays? We see the Hoax at Sandy Hook and everyone knows it. People are waking up. If you ask 5 people about Sandy Hook it seems about 3 know its a hoax and 2 have never heard of the event. So that is interesting is it not? If you open your mind you will start to connect events like Jade Helm 15, the Illuminati, CERN, the NWO, and things like predictive programming.

This video shows how Jade Helm was talked about in a movie years ago. This video shows a lot of other stuff. Could the end of the world be soon? Perhaps a movie talked about the date of the end of the world as well. Or is this date some other future date of something major for humanity? Could time travel be possible? It would seem that time travel is possible just not how everyone thinks of it. Why take the body with you when your soul can traverse time and space? I talk about that more in my hubs on Hubpages. What is coming September 22? We have all heard about the four blood moons that are coming. We have seen three and the fourth one is set in September would you say around September 22?

If you like this video be sure to check out my YouTube channel and subscribe I have more videos on this subject and will produce more in the future. How long do we have? Will Jade Helm be the beginning of the end for America? What does that mean for us? Is the NWO plan as sinister as we think? Perhaps there has been a plan and God has control after all, the video would show things may not be as they seem here in America and across the world.