Sunday, May 17, 2015

Riots in Cleveland! Brelo Verdict "Not Guilty!"

Riots in Cleveland, Ohio have yet to begin as I write this article. So how do I know the future headlines looming in the future? Brelo verdict "not guilty". Riots in Cleveland mass civil unrest and bombings. Is this a headline for the future? I can only hope this article will shed light on the issues that have been plaguing America. So we have seen riots moving from state to state in this mass media fiasco. Where or when do these riots stop?

Here are some nice clean hard facts for you when it comes to riots in America.

From 1980 to the year 1990 America witnessed 14 riots.

From 1990 to the year 2000 America witnessed 9 riots the most severe being Rodney King (remember the theme white cops being found not guilty for killing black males).

From 2000 to the year to the year 2010 America witnessed 17 riots.

From the year 2010 to now America has already witnessed a stunning total of 18 riots that would seem to be building in intensity. So already from 2010 to May 17th 2015 only half way to 2020 we have seen more riots since 1970 and we know the 1970's saw hundreds of protest.

Here is another key question. What is the difference between a protest and a riot? The two different terms are beginning to merge and this is what I have always feared. A protest is typically peaceful where a riot has no particular aim.

Knowing the meaning of the two terms riot, and protest we can now see why the world governments have an agenda to blur the lines between a riot and protest. A protest has a direction a protest has an aim, well defined goals and steps to get a result. The riot has no aim, a riot is chaos with no meaning the people seldom come out ahead by rioting. So why are people rioting in America? The answer to this question might make you mad, but it makes sense and it is the truth.

I will now prove what is going on here in America and why. Since the Rodney King riots we have seen a specific agenda by the U.S mainstream media. What people do not realize is that police kill just as many white men as black men. My fathers friend lost a son in a bogus house raid and his son died and he was white. The fact of the matter is if you do a Google search on cops being found guilty for killing someone while on duty is obsolete they do not get charged. So why would the mass media put the spotlight in such a fashion as to show white cops killing black men and getting away with it?

One does not have to think too long if they are aware of what is going on around the world as I write this. The common theme would be the police can shoot innocent victims and get away with it, however the media only shows a white cop killing a black man. This seems absurd does it not? Is the media racist or something?

People are racist yes, but to think all the media is racist would be a little out there. The media is run by elite who want to introduce a New World Order. Yes, I have went there because they have stated this time and time again. Just run a quick YouTube search for presidents who have mentioned their New World Order. We the people would care not about a New World Order if it made sense. When we look at their version of a New World Order we see that their goal is a "Brave New World". A world where the elite create a world that is morally bankrupt. Attacks on religion and the constitution being key points to cull out of existence.

You might have heard a lot of news about the Baltimore riots. But have you heard about the gangs that have united in peaceful protest to help create a line between rioters and the police? Have you heard about the stand down orders early in the days of the Baltimore riots? The police could have easily broken up these riots but where told to stand down. Now they are already gearing up for the Riots in Cleveland, in my great state of Ohio.

In this blog I will post some crucial videos if you want to know the truth. The truth of the matter is the elite would rather we turn on each other than turn on them. The charges have been filed look it up even the pope is implicated. Whenever these powers are placed into the light a war just so happens to start a world war. Someone asked me the question the other day. Why do these riots seem to go on tour from one city to the next? What is going on? The answer is this check out the term "crisis actors" but these people already know when the next riot is because it is a tour in a way. The Obama administration cannot find enough crisis actors to sustain riots in more than one city at a time. Its a fact and if you watch the video you will see the truth.

I will be sure to update this blog daily until the future and the blog align. I pray I am wrong but so far they are going by the book. So look for riots in Cleveland now too the sad truth. Let us remember not to divide like they want us to. They are doing textbook "Art of War" divide and conquer tactics. How will a race war effect you? How will blacks turning against the police help anyone? They want the police to know they can kill with no consequence. When you see these things in the news look at the stories that are kept out of the light. Stories like the pending financial collapse, or even Jade Helm. Put the pieces together and you will see the sad truth of what the elite want us to do to ourselves. Destroy ourselves rather than see their horrendous war crimes.

We now see in Cleveland that they are waiting for the Brelo verdict. They have already anticipated the Brelo verdict being not guilty and riots 2 hours after the verdict.

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