Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jade Helm 15 Northern KY! Fake Jade Helm ambulances in Northern Kentucky...

This video was shot before the NWO was implicated in Jade Helm 15. It's a pretty quick shot as I did not feel like obviously filming the truck that day. Did not feel like having black helicopters fly over my house I saw a few of those that day as well. This like I said is a very short clip and it was taken before Jade Helm 15 was announced to the public... Well I guess it was not really announced as it was more revealed by alternative channels so to speak.

I had just turned around and she started filming beside me. We see unmarked ambulances which seems pretty fishy to me and most others. Considering the fact I have seen many movies where they reroute a 911 call and a fake ambulance appears to swoop the person up. This stuff is common knowledge now. Well now we hear about Jade Helm 15 and maybe these ambulances are more relevant than ever. What does the NWO plan on doing next? I am no conspiracy buff by no means but I do analyze things as we all should. It takes news from more than one source and active critical thinking to understand what is really going on here.

Now we hear about the TPP and have Jade Helm 15 and open borders and Isis threats. So what is really going on here people? I can understand if I were totally insane like they are how this all could make some sick evil sense. I do not think people thought Hitler was going to do what he did until it was too late. Do not let it get to the point that it is too late or we all will be in some trouble. I know Christ and pray for all to open their eyes and see the truth.

So what do you think these unmarked ambulances hauled by a semi with a government tag. Yes a government tag and the guy did not look like your average fire rescue guy, I know he didn't want to be filmed. In the end it does not matter what you think about this stuff because these powers in the Illuminati, and other cults and secret societies composing the NWO do believe this stuff.