Monday, May 25, 2015

Illuminati NWO CERN! Black Hole, Predictive programming Hellraiser 3! Th...

I posted this video here 2015 if you are interested in the NWO then watch this video. If you understand Saturn the black cube and the Kabbalah you have come to the right place. This video shows how CERN is being used to remove the veil between worlds. The veil is thin and they are making it thinner everywhere. We see Jade Helm, Illuminati, Predictive programming, and the NWO going crazy lately.

The New World Order has been imposed upon the people and it is time to fight back. Spread the truth break the lies. It is our job to bring these lies into the light for God to deal with once and for all. I am concerned with the youth and the enticing nature of how the mainstream media is portraying the Illuminati. We live in dangerous times and if we cannot unite to destroy this family then we will be destroyed. While they break up our nuclear families and laugh at us they are uniting and people are starting to wake up and see this.

Jade Helm is another thing we must worry about. Why are american troops and NATO troops on the ground here in America? Making Texas a hostile State? California hostile as well? Interesting the most extreme liberals and republicans are being targeted. Something is happening and this Hellraiser 3 movie explains in detail what is going to happen in the future. This movie was released on 9,11 in 1992 keep in mind this is a new world production and a future films film. Is this irony?

How does CERN play into this you might ask? We see tons of predictive programming when it relates to CERN and Jade Helm I have two videos one you have here. How many movies have predictive programming people ask. Wrong question. The question is why are the darkest movies so vital to this NWO. There are many movies like Hellraiser 3 but I will focus on this one for now.

So check out the video the NWO, Jade Helm, Illuminati, Predictive Programming, its all being exposed so lets open the flood gates! Get informed stay in tune with the divine and the truth will find you no matter where you hide.