Friday, May 29, 2015

American Dream Unraveled

I recently wrote this article called 

I linked it because its the final conclusion of this writing which I wrote years ago now. Where this writing is the very basic reality of how we have become so detached from reality the Growing up in the 90's article just puts the nails in the coffin I guess. Anyway found this figured I would delete my old blog and add anything I found that I couldn't find the will to delete.

                                            The American Dream Unraveled!
I do not know maybe it is me; however I believe that most of the world’s governments have gone mad. It would seem to me that big business has done a pretty good job turning any piece of positive technology against us; well for now I will keep it at that. Keeping things simple I will say this I think that there are three types of people in this world, well at least here in America.

The first is the type that believes in a dog eat dog mentality (evolution / survival of the fittest) where their whole goal in life is to strive higher and higher and higher forever, until they die (although most are trying to live forever). For example they are judgmental always striving to rise up over their perceived rival. Wealth is the motivator because it boosts their ego. These people are willing to do anything, or say anything to destroy whom they consider their rival. Unfortunately they have now taken all of us on as their rival…

The second type is the humanitarian better word Christian the people who help people. They can hijack terms like humanitarian or liberal, or republican, (what about the constitution) not the word Christian. Anyway group 2 believes that people and nature are the number one priority. For example they are perfectly content with life often residing in the lower classes and they will live their whole life on the bare minimum because they do not necessarily care for material things. Some rise more than others; however with this type upward mobility is irrelevant.

The third type and most humorous in my opinion is the phony. This is the type that has a mentality of the first however; continue to fall short of their ultimate goals either for personal or societal reasons. They are not rich CEO's, but wish they were. I actually call this type the phony Republican or phony Democrat or phony human being (depends on what they call themselves).

You can not wrap everyone up so easily but this is my basic premise. The first group is the CEO's and the high class corporate society and (bloodlines); they care of nothing more than profit and power. Although I think this is what will most likely be the undoing of humanity, I do not necessarily blame them. I give them credit in doing what ever it takes to continue their agenda. With a series of laws they convinced the third group to write for them they were on their way into the government, and slowly infiltrated and pushed their agenda around the world. 

They now own us, they own the world. How did this happen? Easily if you are wise you already know the answer. Others have just been left in the dark because it is not too highly advertised. The first type of people ran into the third, end of story. Although both groups are relatively small together they are a fierce adversary.

The third group this is the group that is not part of the first group, but because of societal pressure or personal reasons (usually that of anti humanitarian reasons like racism, greed, wanting acceptance into what they perceive as the country club life, at the top of the hierarchy is the power they seek) they sell their soul to their captors. Some times it is hard to fathom that some of these people were the hippies now turned guppies. They, mostly because of yearning for some sort of acceptance just wanting to move to the suburbs and live the life they feel they deserve have chosen the dark side. That of greed and lies strong words I know, however, it is the unspoken truth.

Let's take a subject for example, Healthcare. Obama comes out yelling about Healthcare why can a man not walk into a hospital and get free treatment because the doctor took the oath to treat everyone no matter the circumstance? Why can the doctor simply follow his or her oath no need for healthcare! Right? Wrong... We need healthcare so the government can implant us with a chip and control our every move. Every aspect of reality they are attempting to control.

Where are the Republicans who were screaming they would stop this bill? Why will Obama simply not just make a doctor fulfill their own oath? They have everyone confused while they sneak in for ultimate control. Lets say the dollar fails and they have us all get implant's (the bill states this on Page 1004) this was to be done in 2013 so it looks like someone is doing something right, however NBC predicts that we will all be chipped by 2017. So here we have democrats using good ideas to try and take over the world and republicans turning a blind eye while those good people in both parties (there are a few) are slowing this first group of evil people down. 

Meanwhile they have everyone in a hamster wheel trying to keep up with the Kardashians. Ironically enough if these people knew who these Kardashians really where and their occult practices they would be appealed. So there we have it everyone the American Dream Unraveled I am glad someone got it because it is now lost.